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Middle frequency transformers:

Middle frequency transformers

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Transformers
  •  » Middle frequency transformers
  • Schaffner middle frequency (MF) transformers take your high-demand and advanced applications to the next level. Since the beginning of the MF transformers development, we have been at the cutting edge of this technology.

Sine wave filters:

Sine wave filters

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Filters
  •  » Sine wave filters
  • Sine wave filters are low pass frequency filters which convert the rectangular PWM output signal of motor drives into a smooth sine wave voltage with low residual ripple. Sine wave filters, alternatively called output filters or sinusoidal filters, are mainly used in combination with variable speed drives (VSD) to protect the motor against excessive voltage spikes and overheating.
dv/dt filters:

dv/dt filters

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Filters
  •  » dv/dt filters
  • Our dv/dt filters protect motors against high voltage increases and voltage peaks at motor terminals. Since modern motor solutions consist of variable speed drives (VSD), dv/dt filters are a vital system component.
Multi-pulse drive transformers:

Multi-pulse drive transformers

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Transformers
  •  » Multi-pulse drive transformers
  • Schaffner provides isolation multi-pulse drive transformers for variable speed and variable frequency drive applications. These units, also named rectifier transformers, are not just oversized standard units, but are designed specifically for inherent harmonics, minimal space requirements, and other unique characteristics of drive systems.
Magne-Seal: Solution for premium-duty sealed transformer needs


Solution for premium-duty sealed transformer needs

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Technologies
  • Schaffner’s exclusive Magne-Seal design provides the solution for premium-duty sealed transformer needs in heavy commercial and industrial applications. It combines the environmentally friendly, cost-effective, flexible design benefits of dry-type transformers and the protection capabilities of cast coil and liquid-filled transformers.
Traction transformers:

Traction transformers

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Transformers
  •  » Traction rolling stock transformers
  • Schaffner brings a wide experience in the traction rolling stock transformer business. Since decades, we design and produce successfully high quality devices and solutions for the railway market.
High efficiency transformers:

High efficiency transformers

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Transformers
  •  » High efficiency transformers
  • Schaffner high efficiency transformers offer the best ratio between initial cost and operating cost for sensitive applications. We are experienced in designing the ideal construction and finding the optimum material mix for lower transformer losses.
Distribution transformers:

Distribution transformers

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Transformers
  •  » Distribution transformers
  • Schaffner is the leading supplier of dry-type transformer products for distribution and trackside power applications. Strong technical expertise and vast application experience allow us to design the best solutions for these demanding applications
Transformer refurnishing: Solution when a dry-type transformer or other magnetic device fails

Transformer refurnishing

Solution when a dry-type transformer or other magnetic device fails

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Services
  • Schaffner Transformers can provide a solution when you experience the failure of a dry-type transformer or other magnetic device. Disposal of the failed unit is no longer your only option. Enduring lead times of six months or more for new units and solving the problem of different dimensions and termination locations is no longer necessary. Schaffner Transformers is your answer.
LC - LCL filters:

LC - LCL filters

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Filters
  •  » LC - LCL filters
  • Schaffner LC- and LCL-filters are harmonic filters usually used on the grid side of renewable energy sources, like wind energy and photovoltaic (PV) plants. These devices improve and ensure the overall power quality of the produced energy.
DC reactors:

DC reactors

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Inductors
  •  » DC reactors
  • The primary purpose of a DC reactor is to smooth the current pulses in DC circuits and to reduce the damaging harmonics on the power line.
Line reactors:

Line reactors

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Inductors
  •  » Line reactors
  • A line reactor is an inductor which is wired in series between a power source and a load. Line reactors, also called input AC reactors, are generally used in motor drive applications. The main function of this Schaffner component lies into its current limiting characteristics.
Load reactors:

Load reactors

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Inductors
  •  » Load reactors
  • Schaffner load reactors work on the AC output side of frequency converters or other sensitive equipment in series to the electrical consumer. Load reactors, also known as output reactors or dv/dt reactors, essentially protect the load, normally an electrical motor.

Special reactors:

Special reactors

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Inductors
  •  » Special reactors
  • Advanced reactors
  • Air core reactors
  • Common mode (CM) reactors
  • di/dt reactors
  • Harmonic compensated reactors
  • High reactance reactors
  • Saturable reactors
  • Swinging reactors
  • Switching frequency (SF) reactors
  • Trap reactors

On-Site Transformer Rewind: On-site solution for dry-type transformer rewind needs

On-Site Transformer Rewind

On-site solution for dry-type transformer rewind needs

  • Power Magnetics
  •  » Services
  • Building design, elevator capacity, or other factors can make removal of a failed transformers very difficult and impractical. Traditional solutions, such as major building reconstruction or elaborate rigging methods, are time consuming and cost prohibitive. Schaffner has a cost-effective answer.