Working at Schaffner

You want to make a real difference. We empower you.

At Schaffner, we value people and their talents who help shape our company. With our global presence and local roots, we support personal interactions. Our employees and their unique personalities are the face of Schaffner to the world. Their outstanding spirit and rich diversity set us apart.

Employment Regions

Select your region and plunge into the world of Schaffner.

People Movie

The Schaffner People Movie. You want to make a difference. We empower you.

We want to convey our culture and values in order to inspire current and future Schaffner employees in all target groups. #emotional #connecting #authentic

You want to make an impact.

We give you the opportunity.

Cultural Diversity

Our roots are in Switzerland, the location of our Head Office.
With production facilities in Asia and Sales Offices around the world, we put cross-cultural cooperation into practice every day.

We embrace different cultures and benefit from our diversity. People from different backgrounds and with different views bring a fresh perspective. And that fosters greater innovation.


We are ambitious. What drives us is achieving the best solution that fulfills the needs of our customers. Our talented and passionate people work - heart and soul - to make this happen.

We are committed - professionally and personally - to continuous improvement.

Our lean organization with fast decision making provides you with the creative freedom to make it happen.

The Human Touch

Our people often consider Schaffner their professional home. This makes us happy since we sincerely believe in respectful co-operation, nurturing a pleasant working atmosphere and maintaining fair employment conditions.

At Schaffner, people work in different roles serving diverse needs. Whether working on the assembly line or behind the computer screen, everyone should be able to make a difference in their own way and enjoy their job.

Your ideas get things moving.

We inspire you.

Meaning of Working Together at Schaffner

Bring your talent to our multicultural global team, and we’ll grow stronger and prosper together.

Schaffner Spirit

Bring your talent and unique perspective to make the global team at Schaffner stronger.

Professional Development

Join Schaffner to become part of a worldwide organization that is open to listening and sharing. Let’s grow together.

Attractive Working Conditions

Let’s prosper together. Fair working conditions help us both succeed.

How we come Together

Recruiting Process

Our recruitment process is designed to find the best fit between the candidate and the company. We not only focus on evaluating a candidate's qualifications and skills, but we also place a strong emphasis on personal qualities. We want to find out if the candidate's work style, personality, and goals align with those of our organization. By doing so, we can ensure the candidate will be successful in their role and will thrive within our team.

We also make sure we clarify mutual expectations and communicate on an equal footing with the candidate. By doing so, we can identify any potential issues early on and address them in an open and transparent way. It is important for us to ensure that the candidate and the company are a good match for each other, and that the candidate's expectations align with what we can offer as an organization.

We take a tailored approach to recruitment that is customized to the specific needs of our target groups and regions. Getting to know each other includes virtual meetings as well as in-person conversations that sometimes includes the future team. Providing a good candidate experience is what we always strive for.

We are particularly eager to connect with engineers who have specific knowledge in EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility). We welcome potential candidates to get in touch with us.

You dream of changing the world.

So do we.

Bring your outstanding talents, skills and unique perspective and work with us at Schaffner. Let’s make things happen so that we can shape a sustainable future together.

Schaffner is a global leader in electromagnetic solutions that ensure the efficient and reliable operation of electronic systems.