Low Frequency Antennas

Long range and compact design

Low Frequency Antennas

The door handle keyless antenna - also called LFA antenna - is placed in the door handle of a car. Schaffner keyless antennas provide long range of operation, compact design, and best quality.

Passive entry passive start (PEPS) is an automotive RF system enabling access to the vehicle without physically activating the key fob. A low frequency field communication is used to detect the presence of the key fob in the proximity of the vehicle. Since 2002, Schaffner has been a leading player in the design and manufacture of low frequency antenna (LFA) for PEPS applications. More recently, and thanks to its continuous innovation, Schaffner is leading and excelling in the design and manufacture of long-range antenna, whose longer version allows OEMs to reduce the number of antennas installed on the vehicle.


  • Advanced simulation and optimized design
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +105°C
  • Mechanical robustness and inductance stability vs. temperature
  • Customization in accordance with customer's design is available upon request