You are investing in an electrified society. So are we.

Invest in an international leader in electromagnetic solutions with a profitable growth potential in future-oriented markets. You share with us our vision for a more sustainable and electrified society as the way forward to generate value for all our stakeholders.

Key Financials

Interested in our Key Financials? 

Key Financials





Financial Calendar

May 04, 2023

Presentation of Half-Year Results 2022/2023


Dec 06, 2023

Presentation of Financial Results 2022/2023

Hotel Widder
8001 Zurich

Jan 09, 2024

28th Annual General Meeting

4500 Solothurn

Webcast | Schaffner Holding AG

Presentation of Half-Year Results 2022/23 (in German only)

04 May 2023



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Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are committed to the clear assignment of tasks and responsibilities, transparent financial reporting and regular communication with shareholders. This is fundamental to corporate governance at Schaffner Group.

Corporate Governance


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Schaffner is a global leader in electromagnetic solutions that ensure the efficient and reliable operation of electronic systems.