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About Schaffner

Company Profile

Schaffner is a global leader in electromagnetic solutions that ensure the efficient and reliable operation of electronic systems. 

Schaffner Brand Movie

The Schaffner Brand Promise. MORE POWER TO YOU.

Schaffner Story

Our modern society is becoming increasingly digitalized and electrified. Everything – from the smallest device to the largest system – depends on smart technology to function reliably and efficiently.  

All of these technologies and solutions are ideas brought to life by innovative minds. But these inventions can be impacted by electromagnetic interferences.  

At Schaffner, we are at the forefront of solutions to combat electromagnetic interference. Our talented and knowledgeable employees work passionately to solve these challenges and drive the technological transformation of our society.  

And as the electromagnetic experts, we deliver reliable solutions that reduce the complexity our customers are facing – freeing up their time to create the innovation of tomorrow.  

Backed by long-term investors who recognize the growth potential and the value of innovations in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, we share a vision for a more sustainable and electrified society and a way forward in generating value for all of our stakeholders.  

This is how we deliver …

Our Vision

We play a vital role in building a sustainable and electrified society – by shaping electrical power.

Our Mission

We provide our customers with electromagnetic solutions to operate their electronic systems reliably and efficiently, empowering them to focus on their great inventions.

Our Values

Together, we can solve the exciting challenges around electromagnetic compatibility and help to build a sustainable future in the new era of electrification.

Customer Focus

  • We understand our customers’ needs and provide valuable solutions

  • We are driven to exceed our customers’ expectations

  • Globally we are close to our customers 


  • We are passionate about what we do

  • We create excitement

  • Our passion drives our performance 


  • We have a sense of urgency and go beyond our areas of responsibility 

  • We go the extra mile 

  • We are responsible for our actions


  • We are open to new ideas and different opinions

  • We embrace different cultures and benefit from our diversity

  • We actively share knowledge and information 


  • We lead by example based on trust and integrity

  • We develop our employees to enhance their capabilities

  • We clearly communicate our vision and goals and lead the implementation of our strategy 

Schaffner is a global leader in electromagnetic solutions that ensure the efficient and reliable operation of electronic systems.