ED100 / ED101ED100 / ED101

Common Mode Chokes ED100 / ED101

Current-compensated choke series for lighting applications

Lighting LED drivers need to be high in efficiency, low in cost and compliant to EMC regulations. The ED100 / ED101 series increases the efficiency of a LED driver circuit by reducing the need for X-capacitors. Thus, the power factor rises, and less unwanted reactive power is generated. The inductor is a combination of a strong common-mode inductance with a significant differential-mode inductance. It offers two filtering elements in one component. This helps the circuit designer to reduce the number of elements on the PCB, to reduce space requirement as well as lowering costs. Combined with the high MTBF value of the ED100 / ED101 series, a circuit design with reduced number of components profits for its overall reliability and lifetime.

ED100 / ED101

Current-compensated choke series for lighting applications


Article Rated Current @ambient (A) Inductance Input/Output connections (Nm) Distribution stock Compare Read More
L1 Input terminal
ED101-0.2-40M ED101-0.2-40M 0.24002 - PCB Pin
ED100-0.3-27M ED100-0.3-27M 0.32702 - PCB Pin
ED100-0.4-20M ED100-0.4-20M 0.42002 - PCB Pin
ED100-0.5-15M ED100-0.5-15M 0.51502 - PCB Pin
ED100-0.75-12M ED100-0.75-12M 0.751202 - PCB Pin
ED100-1.25-7M0 ED100-1.25-7M0 1.25702 - PCB Pin
ED100-1.5-5M0 ED100-1.5-5M0 1.5502 - PCB Pin
ED100-1-9M0 ED100-1-9M0 1902 - PCB Pin
ED100-2-3M0 ED100-2-3M0 2302 - PCB Pin
ED100-0.2-40M ED100-0.2-40M 0.24002 - PCB Pin
ED101-0.3-27M ED101-0.3-27M 0.32702 - PCB Pin
ED101-0.4-20M ED101-0.4-20M 0.42002 - PCB Pin
ED101-0.5-15M ED101-0.5-15M 0.51502 - PCB Pin
ED101-0.75-12M ED101-0.75-12M 0.751202 - PCB Pin
ED101-1.25-7M0 ED101-1.25-7M0 1.25702 - PCB Pin
ED101-1.5-5M0 ED101-1.5-5M0 1.5502 - PCB Pin
ED101-1-9M0 ED101-1-9M0 1902 - PCB Pin
ED101-2-3M0 ED101-2-3M0 2302 - PCB Pin

Features and Benefits

Increases power factor
Combination of common- and differential-mode inductances
Rated currents up to 2 A
Compact and light-weight
Small PCB footprint

Typical Applications

Mains operated LED drivers
Electronic ballasts
Input filters for switch mode power supplies

Technical Specifications


> 13,000,000 hours acc. MIL-HDBK-217

Vibration and shock

3M4 acc. IEC 60721-3-3

Rated currents

0.2 to 2 A @ 65°C

Inductance reduction (DC bias with IN)

Less than 10% at rated current


AN - natural convection

Rated inductance

3 to 40 mH common-mode

Stray inductance

0.1 - 3.1 mH

Flammability corresponding to

UL 94 V-0

Operating frequency

DC to 60 Hz

Temperature range (operation and storage)

-40°C to 125°C

Maximum continuous operating voltage

300 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Derating above 2,000 m

Climatic class

40/125/56 acc. IEC 60068-1

Creepage and clearance distances

Creepage > 3 mm / Clearance > 2.5 mm between windings

Overvoltage category

II acc. IEC 60664-1

Design corresponding to

IEC 60938-1/-2

Protection category

IP 00

Pollution degree

PD2 acc. IEC 60664-1

Typical electrical schematic

ED100 / ED101

Approvals & Compliances

RoHS Label