Schaffner to Showcase Innovative Active Filter Technology and their Expanded Solutions for EMC Challenges at SPS

Nov 07, 2023

At SPS in Nuremburg this year Schaffner will be sending their experts to showcase a number of new products from 2023, one in particular is their Active Filter Technology to help combat the challenges the market is facing ahead of the new EMC regulations that will be introduced in 2026. 

Time to Prepare

It was recently announced that following Schaffner's latest survey nearly 90% of respondents think they might or will be directly impacted by the EMC regulation changes that will come into force in 2026. The expanded regulations will soon mean frequencies will be regulated from 150 kHz down to 9 kHz, design engineers must be prepared for these changes and take action sooner rather than later as, according to the survey, over 70% think it will take more than a year to ensure their products comply.

Roughly 1 in 6 think they may not be able to sell their current products when the regulations come in and 1 in 3 do not know what effect the changes might have on their products. To ensure compliance products must be tested within these limits however, almost half of the respondents (46%) either do not have test facilities to cover from 150 kHz down to 9 kHz or are not sure if they do. There is clearly a need for more understanding in the market and as experts in EMC Schaffner are best positioned to fill this gap. 

Filtering Is Key to Achieving Compliance

Only 8% of survey respondents felt they did not need filtering at all to achieve compliance but a staggering 86% felt that they might need active filtering. Active and passive EMC filters are both used to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) in electronic devices. Schaffner can deliver effective passive solutions and is also developing innovative active solutions for their customers. This will be a key part of the discussions to be had at SPS this year.

Delivering Solutions

As well as showcasing solutions for EMC regulation challenges Schaffner's experts will also be on hand to discuss our latest product announcements like the FN304X low leakage current filters designed to fill the gap in the robotics market and other industrial applications for low-profile 3-phase filters. Schaffner strives to deliver solutions that minimize electromagnetic and harmonic interferences across a multitude of applications. At SPS this year the focus will be on sharing their unrivaled industry expertise to help solve customers' challenges. 

Learn more from Schaffner's experts on how to solve the challenges that the new regulations pose.