Increased Flexibility on New Low Leakage Current Filters

Sep 26, 2023
Felix Wedel

Schaffner introduces new FN304X low leakage current filters to fill the gap in the robotics market and other industrial applications for low-profile 3-Phase filters.

Smaller with Superior Performance

Thanks to Schaffner’s flexibility in manufacturing, the new FN3040, FN3041, FN3042 and FN3043 electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filters boast high product availability, rated for currents of 10 A–30 A at 50oC, the filters have been specifically produced to meet customer demands and eliminate shortages in the European market. The tightly packaged filters are smaller than their predecessors yet offer superior performance and flexible design possibilities thanks to the embedded terminals and DIN-Rail mounting option being easy to connect and install.

Meeting European EMC Requirements

Designed to satisfy the EMC requirements of the European market, the FN304X filters are especially well-suited to grids with very tough requirements and other applications that have safety and reliability as the main focus. A plastic housing combined with a metal ground plate achieves the lowest possible product weight without compromising EMC behavior while fixed, hinged terminal covers enhance safety levels by protecting against contact with live conductors. 

Ecologically Designed

As well as the robotics sector, the new low leakage current filters are ideal for use in electrical and electronic equipment, industrial automation, test and measurement devices and small machines. Designed ecologically, the filters feature raw materials that can be easily separated at the end of the product’s working life for environmentally safe disposal.

Key Features 

  • Ferrite and nanocrystalline core materials
  • DIN-Rail mounting option 
  • Finger-save terminals 
  • Weigh between 0.43 kg and 0.45 kg
  • Leakage current between 0.19 mA and 0.40 mA at 530 V/50 Hz
  • Inductance from 0.5 mH to 12.9 mH at 1 kHz/50 mV
  • Capacitance from 100 nF to 220 nF at 1 kHz/1 V