FN3287 & FN3288 | EMC Filter Series for Factory Automation

Oct 13, 2022
Felix Wedel

High power factory automation. Schaffner – MORE POWER TO YOU.

Schaffner, the global leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality announces the availability of the FN3287 & FN3288 EMC filter series up to 230 A. These extend the range of EMC solutions to drive ratings up to 135 kW.

New Addition to the popular EMC Filter Series

This new 230 A versions inherit the popular benefits of the existing series: 

  • A small footprint
  • Choice of performance levels
  • Solid safety connector blocks
  • Low leakage current versions

SCCR Rating of 100kA

        Other Features

        • Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 100 kA according UL508, Ed. 18
        • Installations with this SCCR-rating can sustain high short-circuit currents of 100 kA without causing electrical shock or fire hazard
        • Installation in Feeder Circuits saves Cost and Space
        • Feeder circuits bundle multiple machine installations and provide appropriate overcurrent protection. They combine several “branch circuits” and typically require an SCCR of 100 kA. One FN3287 / FN3288 filter can be installed in a feeder circuit to filter multiple installations. (Provided applicable safety measurements).