3-Phase Filters FN3287 / FN3288

Smallest book-style EMC/RFI Filter for Inverter and Power Drive Systems

FN3287 / FN3288

Smallest book-style EMC/RFI Filter for Inverter and Power Drive Systems

  • Standard and high performance EMC solution
  • Footprint space-saving book-style housing
  • Solid safety connector blocks
  • Standard attenuation performance FN3287
  • High attenuation performance FN3288
  • HV versions for 690 VAC applications
  • HVIT- and IT versions for IT distribution networks
  • Versions with low leakage current
  • SCCR 100 kA

Features and Benefits

FN3287 and FN3288 series of filters provides state-of-the-art EMI attenuation based on an innovative filter topology. They help to ensure compliance with Class C2 or even C1 limits.
The slim book-style shape allows a convenient and space-saving installation next to inverters, converters or motor drives.
The compact FN3287 and FN3288 filter from 10 to 230A are designed for the most diverse applications worldwide, including machinery and machine tools.
FN3288HV filters up to 230 A are applicable for 690 VAC distribution networks.
FN 3288IT and FN 3288HVIT filters up to 230 A meet the special requirements for IT distribution networks.
Low leakage current filter versions help to fulfill tough requirements (e.g. 0.1 mA) in respect of leakage current limitation.

Typical Applications

Three-phase variable speed drives and power drive systems (PDS)
Machine tool and machinery equipment
IT power distribution networks (FN3288IT and FN3288 HVIT)
General energy conversion devices (inverters, converters)
Process automation equipment
Three-phase power supplies 
Low-leakage current requirements

Technical Specifications

Maximum continuous operating voltage

3x530/305 VAC (FN3287, FN3288)

3x530 VAC (FN3288IT)

3x760/440 VAC (FN3288HV)

3x760 VAC (FN3288HVIT)

Nominal operating voltage

480 VAC (FN3287, FN3288, FN3288IT)

690 VAC (FN3288HV, FN3288HVIT)

Rated currents

10 to 230 A

10 to 230 A @ 50°C

Overload capability

6x rated current for 1 sec, once per hour

1.5x rated current for 1 minute, once per hour

Operating frequency

DC to 60 Hz

High potential test voltage

P -> E 2260 VDC for 2 s (FN3287, FN3288)

P -> E 2900 VDC for 2 s (FN3288IT)

P -> P 2280 VDC for 2 s (FN3287, FN3288, FN3288IT)

P -> E 2650 VDC for 2 s (FN3288HV)

P -> E 3530 VDC for 2 s (FN3288HVIT)

P -> P 3270 VDC for 2 s (FN3288HV)

Overvoltage category

III acc. IEC 60664-1

Pollution degree

3 acc. IEC 60664-1

Temperature range (operation and storage)

-40°C to +100°C (with current derating >50°C)

Climatic category

40/100/21 acc. to IEC 60068-1

Protection category

IP 20 acc. to IEC 60529

Flammability corresponding to

UL 94 V-0

Vibration and shock

3M4 (operation)

2M2 (transport) acc. to IEC 60721-3-3

IEC 60721-3-2

Design corresponding to

UL 60939-3, IEC 60939-3


100 kA acc. to UL508 - high fault current

Compliance with insulation requirement

> 1MOhm acc. to IEC 60204-1

MTBF (Mil-HB-217F)

>200,000 h @ 50°C/480 V

** SCCR (High Fault Current acc UL508): 100 kA, with overcurrent protection of J-Type current limiting fuses. Fuse rating shall not exceed 150% of filter current rating.

Typical electrical schematic

FN3287 / FN3288

Approvals & Compliances

RoHS Label
CE Label
ENEC 14 Label
UL Recognized Label
UKCA Label
UL Recognized Label (Canada)