FN2220 | EMC Filter for EV Fast Charging

Dec 17, 2021
Felix Wedel

The fast adoption of electric vehicles (EV) was followed by an increased demand for charging stations. To top up the car when traveling, new generations of high-power charging stations are being developed.
As a result, as a leader in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, we provide you with the right solution: our EMC filter FN2220 for fast EV charging.
Are you looking for an EMC filter for fast EV charging? 

Save time

The filter does not need to be reviewed for standard compliance during the design of a charging station. It can be integrated directly, saving time and resources. 

The filter series meets the requirements of two key EV-charging standards: 

  • IEC/EN 61851-23 Electric Vehicle Conductive Charging System 
  • UL 2202 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System Equipment 


When fast charging an electric vehicle on a highway rest area for example, high levels of energy are transferred in a short time. Electrical safety and EMC compliant currents are required to protect the user, the electric vehicle, and the electrical grid. This filter series tackles the risk on the vehicle side of the charging station. It cleans the power that goes into the car for a safe charging experience. 

The new filter series is designed to perform safely with industry-specific charging voltages of up to 1000 VDC.

Large Power Range: 75 kW – 600 kW

Adapted to power classes of charging stations, the new filter class is available in current sizes from 150 A to 600 A. The smallest version already achieves up to 75 kW (FN2230-150-99-C2022-R99). The top end of the scale is marked by the FN2220-600-99-C2222-R99.  

At 600 A and 1000 V, fast charging with 600 kW is possible with only one EMC filter.