RV8141 and RV8541RV8141 and RV8541

Common Mode Chokes RV8141 and RV8541

Current-compensated Chokes - Nanocrystalline Core

RV8141 and RV8541

Current-compensated Chokes - Nanocrystalline Core

  • Performance nanocrystalline core material
  • AC and DC applications
  • Low magnetic leakage flux
  • Excellent winding insulation
  • Broad range of inductance ratings
  • RV8141 - horizontal orientation
  • RV8541 - vertical orientation

Features and Benefits

EV wallbox chargers up to 35kW

On the grid side, the 4-line choke can be installed as 3 phases and neutral
On the vehicle side of the charger (DC charging), 2 windings of the choke are connected in series or parallel
Complies with choke-related requirements in IEC/EN 61851-1: Electric vehicle conductive charging system, IEC/EN 61851-21-2 (AC charging) & IEC/EN 61851-23: (DC charging)
Complies with choke-related requirements in UL 2202 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System Equipment

Horizontal Version - Four Performance Choices

S01 Standard
S03 Standard Plus- increased height
S11 Small
S13 Small - increased height

Vertical Version - Four Performance Choices

S02 Standard
S06 Standard, thin - reduced core height
S12 Small
S16 Small, thin- reduced core height

Also available with ferrite cores: RV8140 (horizontal) & RV8540 (vertical)

Typical Applications

EV charging: (AC & DC charging stations)
General applications

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage


1000 VDC

Operating frequency

50/60 Hz


Rated currents

16 to 50 A @ 60°C



Rated inductance

0.3 to 16.3 mH (4-line or parallel connection)

1.2 to 65.2 mH (2-line, series connection)

Stray inductance

Max. 1% of rated inductance @ 10 kHz

High potential test voltage

3 kV AC 2s coil to coil

Overvoltage category

530 VAC: III (acc. IEC 60664-1)

1000 VDC: II (acc. IEC 60664-1)

Creepage and clearance distances

Creepage: ≥ 7.2 mm (Coil - Coil)

Clearance: ≥ 5.6 mm (Coil - Coil)

Design corresponding to

IEC 60938-1/-2

UL 1446 E332676 - Insulation system SCH-155(F)-C

Temperature range (operation and storage)

-40°C to +125°C

Climatic category

40/125/56 (acc. IEC 60068-1)

Protection category

IP 00 (acc. IEC 60529-1)

Pollution degree

PD2 (acc. IEC60664-1)

Vibration and shock

Vibration (IEC 60068-2-6): 10 Hz to 55 Hz (24 cycles)

Shock (IEC 60068-2-27): 30 G / 18 ms (3 cycles)

Flammability according to

UL 94 V0


>2,000,000 h


2000 m, current and voltage derating above

Typical electrical schematic

RV8141 and RV8541

Approvals & Compliances

RoHS Label
UL 1446 E332676 - Insulation system SCH-155(F)-C