RI seriesRI series

Saturating Chokes RI series

Saturating Chokes

RI series

Saturating Chokes

  • Rated currents from 1.5 to 25 A
  • Up to 500 VAC operating voltage
  • DC to 1 kHz frequency
  • Single or dual-choke configurations

Features and Benefits

Excellent thermal behavior
Through hole or wire connections
Single or dual-choke configurations
Up to 25 A single configuration
Custom-specific versions are available on request

Typical Applications

Suppressing high interference levels generated by fast switching circuits
DC voltage smoothing
EMC/EMI filters
Phase angle control circuits
Power supplies

Technical Specifications

Maximum continuous operating voltage

500 VAC @ 40°C

Rated currents

1.5 to 25 A

High potential test voltage


and/or winding-to-inserts

2500 V, 50 Hz, 2 sec, factory test

Surge current @ 10 msec

20 x IN @ 25°C

Temperature range (operation and storage)

-25°C to +110°C (25/110/21)

Flammability corresponding to

UL 94 V-0

Typical electrical schematic

RI series

Approvals & Compliances

RoHS Label