Legacy Products LV Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection Devices

Product Overview

Surge Protection Devices

SPD with a fail safe function to prevent short-circuit (separation of circuit and element is visually confirmable)

Compliance with IEC 61643-1 that meets the new JIS standards

Against indirect lightning surge for single phase / three phase power supplies Quick response for surge

Impulse current capacity 8/20μs-5,000A

Impulse test category: Class II (Type II)

Every pathway consists of same elements. Between line and line/between lines and ground can protect as the same level.

Features and Benefits

Small and cost effective solution to improve PLC communication
Compatible to one-phase smart meters up to 40 A rated current
Compatible to G3-PLC and PLAN+ (CENELEC A)
Creates an impedance 25 - 72 Ohm between
37.8 kHz and 91 kHz
Typical Signal-To-Noise-Ratio Enhancement (SNRE): 28 - 40 dB in the CENELEC A band at 1 Ohm load impedance
No interruption of the power line. The impedance is induced to the line.
No high current termination / connection required

Approvals & Compliances

UL Recognized Label (USA)
RoHS Label