Power Entry Module with EMC- Filter FN9290

Ultra Compact and Versatile Filtered Power Entry Module


Ultra Compact and Versatile Filtered Power Entry Module

  • Dual stage filter
  • Ultra compact design
  • Rated currents up to 10 A
  • Dual fuse holder
  • 2-pole rocker switch
  • Good attenuation performance
  • Faston or spring cage terminals


Article Rated Current @ambient Leakage current IEC60939 Inductance Capacitance Resistance Distribution stock Compare Read More
L1 L2 Cx1 (µF) Cy1 (nF)
FN9299B-10-06 FN9299B-10-06 1000.320.32001000
FN9299B-6-100 FN9299B-6-100 600.780.78001000
FN9299B-4-100 FN9299B-4-100 401.71.7001000
FN9299B-2-100 FN9299B-2-100 204.44.4001000
FN9299B-1-100 FN9299B-1-100 1010.910.9001000
FN9299-10-100 FN9299-10-100 100.280.320.321.50.471000
FN9299-6-100 FN9299-6-100 60.280.780.781.50.471000
FN9299-4-100 FN9299-4-100
FN9299-2-100 FN9299-2-100
FN9299-1-100 FN9299-1-100 10.2810.910.91.50.471000
FN9299B-10-100 FN9299B-10-100 1000.320.32001000
FN9299B-6-06 FN9299B-6-06 600.780.78001000
FN9299B-4-06 FN9299B-4-06 401.71.7001000
FN9299B-2-06 FN9299B-2-06 204.44.4001000
FN9299B-1-06 FN9299B-1-06 1010.910.9001000
FN9299-10-06 FN9299-10-06 100.280.320.321.50.471000
FN9299-6-06 FN9299-6-06 60.280.780.781.50.471000
FN9299-4-06 FN9299-4-06
FN9299-2-06 FN9299-2-06
FN9299-1-06 FN9299-1-06 10.2810.910.91.50.471000
FN9290B-10-06 FN9290B-10-06 1000.320.32001000
FN9290B-6-100 FN9290B-6-100 600.780.78001000
FN9290B-4-100 FN9290B-4-100 401.71.7001000
FN9290B-2-100 FN9290B-2-100 204.44.4001000
FN9290B-1-100 FN9290B-1-100 1010.910.9001000
FN9290-10-100 FN9290-10-100 100.280.320.321.50.471000
FN9290-6-100 FN9290-6-100 60.280.780.781.50.471000
FN9290-4-100 FN9290-4-100
FN9290-2-100 FN9290-2-100
FN9290-1-100 FN9290-1-100 10.2810.910.91.50.471000
FN9290B-10-100 FN9290B-10-100 1000.320.32001000
FN9290B-6-06 FN9290B-6-06 600.780.78001000
FN9290B-4-06 FN9290B-4-06 401.71.7001000
FN9290B-2-06 FN9290B-2-06 204.44.4001000
FN9290B-1-06 FN9290B-1-06 1010.910.9001000
FN9290-10-06 FN9290-10-06 100.280.320.321.50.471000
FN9290-6-06 FN9290-6-06 60.280.780.781.50.471000
FN9290-4-06 FN9290-4-06
FN9290-2-06 FN9290-2-06
FN9290-1-06 FN9290-1-06 10.2810.910.91.50.471000

Features and Benefits

Best conducted attenuation performance, based on chokes with high saturation resistance and excellent thermal behavior
Deep-drawn iron-sheet housing for best possible shielding against magnetic fields
Rear/front flange mounting or snap-in versions
Dual and additional spare fuse holder
2-pole rocker switch
Faston or spring cage terminals for more flexible assembly
FN 929X B versions comply with the requirements of 1MOP acc. to IEC/EN 60601-1
All versions according IEC/EN 62368­-1

Typical Applications

Portable electrical and electronic equipment
Consumer goods
EDP and office equipment
Single-phase and switch-mode power supplies
Test and measurement equipment
Medical electrical devices (MD) and In-Vitro-Diagnostics (IVD) equipment
Audio/Video, information and communication technologies

Technical Specifications

Maximum continuous operating voltage

250 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Nominal operating voltage

230 VAC

Rated currents

1 to 10 A @ 40°C

Operating frequency

DC to 400 Hz

Temperature range (operation and storage)

– 25°C to +85°C (25/85/21)

Protection category

IP 40 according to IEC 60529 (front side)

Flammability corresponding to

UL 94 V-2 or better

Design corresponding to

UL 1283, CSA 22.2 No. 8 1986, EN 60939, EN 60950, EN 60601-1, UL 544, EN 60320

MTBF (Mil-HB-217F)

>1,000,000 h @ 40°C/230 V


Spare part mounting flanges available with order number: SAP427532

Fuse holder

2 fuses (Ø5 x 20 mm) max. 250 V (certified to IEC 60127-6), power acceptance 1.6W @ Ta 23°C per pole

Switch ratings


Electrical specifications

Inrush current 82 A

6,000 on-off operations according to UL 1054

10,000 on-off operations according to ENEC

Europe (ENEC)

10 A (4 A), 250 VAC*

* Value in () relates to the inductive current charge: cos(phi) = 0.65

Typical electrical schematic


Approvals & Compliances

UL Recognized Label
ENEC 14 Label
CQC Label
RoHS Label
CSA Label
CE Label
UKCA Label

(CQC except HI-types; Patent US 20110227692/US 8766761; CN ZL201080069589.0)