Legacy Products FN5040/FN5045

LC Sine Wave Filter for Motor Drives


LC Sine Wave Filter for Motor Drives

  • Smooth sine wave without voltage peaks
  • Perfect motor protection
  • Reduce bearing currents
  • Motor frequency up to 200 Hz
  • Extended motor cable length capability

Features and Benefits

Converts the rectangular PWM output voltage of motor drives into a smooth sine wave with low residual ripple
Elimination of premature motor damage caused by high dv/dt, overvoltages, cable ringing, motor overheating, and eddy current losses
Improves bearing life time because of bearing currents caused by circulating currents
Complies with IEC 60034-17* and NEMA-MG1 requirements for general purpose motors
Optional with NEMA 1 protective cover

Typical Applications

HVAC applications
Medium voltage applications, deployed in front of the step-up transformer
Retrofit installations with motor drives
Motor drive with long motor cable
Motor drive with multiple motors in parallel

Technical Specifications

Maximum continuous operating voltage

3x525 VAC

Nominal operating voltage

3x480 VAC

Rated currents

4.5 to 1200 A @ 45°C

Overload capability

1.5× rated current for 1 minute, once per hour

Typical dv/dt reduction

≥factor 5

Residual ripple voltage


Impedance (Uk)

8 to 10% @ 400 V, 50 Hz and rated current

Motor frequency

0 to 70 Hz

0...70 Hz (up to 200Hz with derating (see graph))

Motor cable length

Up to 2,000 m (see graph)

Switching frequency

2 to 12 kHz

See filter selection table

High potential test voltage

P –> E 3000 VAC, 1 minute

P –> P 2500 VAC, 1 minute

Temperature range (operation and storage)

-25°C to +45°C fully operation

+45°C to 70°C derated operation*

-25°C to +85°C transport and storage

Protection category

IP 00 (FN 5040)

IP 20 (FN 5045)

Flammability corresponding to

UL 94 V-2

Design corresponding to

Filter: UL 61800-5-1, EN 61800-5-1

Chokes: EN 61558-2-20 or EN 60076-6

Filter: UL 61800-5-1, EN 61800-5-1

Filter: UL 61800-5-1, EN 61800-5-1

Filter: UL 61800-5-1, EN 61800-5-1

Insulation class

EIS 200

MTBF (Mil-HB-217F)

>100,000 h @ 45°C/480 V

* Iderated = Inominal*SQRT((Tmax-Tamb)/(Tmax-Tnominal)) = Inominal*SQRT((70°C-Tamb)/25°C)

Typical electrical schematic


Approvals & Compliances

UL Recognized Label (USA)
RoHS Label
CE Label
UKCA Label

UL 61800-5-1 up to 750 A for FN 5040, 480 A for FN 5045. For use with AC or DC drives (power conversion equipment) only