Legacy Products FN356

General Purpose EMC/RFI Line Filter


General Purpose EMC/RFI Line Filter


  • Three-phase and neutral line filter for general four-wire filtering tasks
  • Choice of connection style
  • Low operating leakage current
  • Compliant with IEC 60950
  • Suitable to meet EN 55011/14/22

Features and Benefits

FN 356 represents the industry standard filter solutions for EMC compliance on three-phases and the neutral conductor, providing high attenuation of both symmetrical and asymmetrical interference
Choice of connection style is offered for an application-specific filter selection
Solid touch-safe terminal blocks (-29, -33, -34 versions) offer a generous contacting cross section and contribute to overall safety (IP 20)
Used as a mains input filter, FN 356 filters increase the conducted immunity and thus contribute to system reliability
Design compliance with IEC 60950 provides additional application flexibility

Typical Applications

General purpose four-wire filtering
Mainframe computer systems
High power office equipment
Installations comprising automation equipment

Technical Specifications

Maximum continuous operating voltage

3x440/250 VAC

Nominal operating voltage

400 VAC

Rated currents

16 to 150 A @ 40°C

Overload capability

4x rated current at switch on,

1.5x rated current for 1 minute, once per hour

High potential test voltage

P/N –> E 2000 VAC for 2 sec

P –> P 1900 VDC for 2 sec

P -> N 1100 VDC for 2 sec

Temperature range (operation and storage)

-25°C to +100°C (25/100/21)

Protection category

IP 20 (filters with connectors -29, -33, -34)

IP 00 (filters with connectors -06, -24, -28)

Flammability corresponding to

UL 94 V-0

Design corresponding to

UL 1283, CSA 22.2 No. 8 1986, IEC/EN 60939

MTBF (Mil-HB-217F)

>220,000 h @ 40°C/400 V

Typical electrical schematic


Approvals & Compliances

UL Recognized Label
CSA Label
ENEC 14 Label
RoHS Label
CE Label
UKCA Label

(FN 356 up to 100 A)