3-Phase Filters FN3311 / FN3310

Compact power line AC EMC/RFI filter

FN3311 / FN3310

Compact power line AC EMC/RFI filter

  • High current 3-phase filter up to 2300 A
  • Extremely compact and light weight design
  • Minimum installation foot print
  • Performance optimised for standard purpose applications
  • FN3310 series without Cy capacitors to ground
  • FN3311 IT versions for use in IT power networks

Features and Benefits

The FN 3311/FN 3310 series are the most compact dedicated high current AC filters, not only suitable for PV applications, but being an optimum fit with most modern PV inverter topologies. In addition the filters can be configured in a very flexible way to fulfil custom specific application requirements. All FN 3311/FN 3310 come in unsymmetrical housings, which help to prevent inverse installation and wrong electrical connection. Along with solar panel-side installed Schaffner DC EMC/RFI filters FN 2211/FN 2210, the AC filters FN 3311/FN 3310 are key to meet the stringent international standards for electro-magnetic compatibility and help to ensure a reliable and fault-free operation of the entire PV system.

Typical Applications

The FN 3311/FN 3310 series are primarily designed for all kind of power line connected converter and inverter applications between 250 and 2'300 A. However, they are optimised for PV inverter and can potentially also be applied for general purpose motor drives applications.

Technical Specifications

Maximum continuous operating voltage

3x520 VAC for FN 3310

3x520/300 VAC for FN 3311

Nominal operating voltage

480 VAC

Rated currents

250 to 2300 A @ 50°C

Overload capability

4x rated current at switch on, max. 8 sec

1.5x rated current for 1 minute, once per hour

Operating frequency

DC to 60 Hz

High potential test voltage

P –> E 2 kVAC for 2 sec (FN 3311 IT 3 kVAC for 2 sec)

P –> P 2.25 kVDC for 2 sec (FN 3311 IT 2.68 kVDC for

2 sec)

Temperature range (operation and storage)

-40°C to +100°C

Climatic category

40/100/21 acc. to IEC 60068-1

Protection category

IP 00

Flammability corresponding to

UL 94V-0

Design corresponding to

UL 1283, CSA 22.2 No. 8, IEC/EN 60939, EN 60721-3

MTBF (Mil-HB-217F)

>200,000 h @ 50°C/480 V


Ni plated cu bars/Metal

Typical electrical schematic

FN3311 / FN3310

Approvals & Compliances

RoHS Label
UL Recognized Label (USA)
ENEC 14 Label
CE Label
UKCA Label