Songkran Festival in Thailand

Apr 28, 2023
Nicole Hurni

During the summertime in Thailand, most Thai people and tourists are anticipating the Songkran water splashing festival. This event starts on Thailand’s traditional New Year’s Day, April 13, and lasts until April 15 of every year.

In addition to the water-throwing fight for which this festival has earned a reputation, Songkran is an occasion for family gatherings, especially for young ones to pay respect to elder relatives. This is the heart and meaning of the festival, after all.
Schaffner Lamphun always adheres to local tradition and encourages our employees to express their beliefs in this cultural heritage by facilitating internal festival pre-celebrations.
Starting early in the morning of April 6, 2023, traditional events began, from the morning offering of food to monks, a “happiness” speech given by the monk speaker, to “Rod Nam Dam Hua”, a ceremony of pouring water on the hands of revered elders and asking for blessings. Our employees attended this ceremony to pay respect and receive blessings from the management team and senior employees who have been with Schaffner for more than 20 years. And to hype up the atmosphere, following the northern celebrating style, we arranged local food contests, participated in by 30 employees from all sections. A jury consisting of both Thai and foreign employees voted for the best dishes and best-dressed team. These activities help to bring Schaffner closer to the community and make it more than just a workplace.
With pleasant employee feedback, we look forward to maintaining the beautiful tradition and delivering even better experiences next year.