Schaffner puts Iowa Company in the Spotlight

May 03, 2023
Mike Vilbrandt

In a small pond of Oskaloosa (population 11,534), you do not have to be a particularly large manufacturer to be a big fish. 

But for the sales reps of Schaffner in Iowa, Musco Sports Lighting has been an elusive white whale. After many attempts to get in contact over the past five years, there had been no success in reaching the illustrious arena light maker.

Stellar Achievements

Musco makes the outdoor event lighting found in Little League Parks and high school football fields across the country. Over the decades, the manufacturer has installed its metal halide and LED equipment in larger venues: the Daytona racetrack, the Golden Gate Bridge, Emirates Stadium, Mount Rushmore, and the Statue of Liberty. Musco Sports Lighting’s handiwork had a role in All the Right Moves, Field of Dreams, the Superbowl, and the Olympics. 

It may not be surprising for an electronics manufacturer to have won an Emmy award (who hasn’t, right?), but Musco boasts an Emmy and an Oscar.

Our Lucky Break

Our luck began to change in wooing this star client when our marketing campaigns went into effect during the COVID lockdown. A few overtures were sent to engineering contacts at Musco. Months later, Mike Vilbrandt, Application Engineer in the central region, noticed Musco engineers had downloaded a Schaffner whitepaper on industrial lighting. Mike followed up with an email to offer assistance.

Turns out they did need some help. Schaffner ended up helping Musco select a common mode choke (RT8522-8-8M0) that would fit their needs. Our staff also supplied Musco with datasheets, regulatory approval paperwork, and reliability test data. 

We at Schaffner are pleased at long last to have a relationship with this accomplished client.