Schaffner has received the KC Approval Mark for FN280 EMI Filters, enhancing Product Reliability and Market Expansion

Feb 06, 2024
Holger Urban

We are pleased to announce that we have received the KC (Korea Certification) approval mark for our range of FN280 EMI (electromagnetic interference) filters. This achievement underscores Schaffner’s commitment to deliverying high-quality products that meet international standards and reinforces its position as a trusted partner for EMC solutions worldwide, and in particular for the Korean market. 

Safety and Performance Standards

The KC approval mark is a certification issued by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS), a leading authority responsible for product safety and quality in South Korea. Obtaining the KC mark demonstrates that Schaffner’s EMI filters comply with the rigorous safety and performance standards set by KATS, making them eligible for sale and use on the Korean market.

Enhancing Confidence

Schaffner’s EMI filters are designed to mitigate electromagnetic interference, ensuring that electronic devices and systems operate efficiently and reliably. With the addition of the KC approval mark, Schaffner’s customers in South Korea can have even greater confidence in the performance and safety of these critical components.

Schaffner’s Commitment

“We are thrilled to receive the KC approval mark for our EMI filters,” said Wilson Lo, Head of Sales Unit Taiwan & Korea at Schaffner. “This certification reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering products that meet the highest industry standards. With the KC mark, we can better serve our customers in South Korea and contribute to the success of their projects by providing reliable EMI filtering solutions.”

Schaffner is dedicated to maintaining its reputation as a global leader in electromagnetic compatibility solutions. For more information about Schaffner’s EMI filters with the KC approval mark, please visit the FN280 product page.

To learn more about the Schaffner KC Approval Mark Product List, check the documents below: