Schaffner Finds a Better Way to Repair a Supply Chain

Nov 13, 2023
David Armitage

The ongoing supply chain slowdown can turn normally dependable vendors into the sole source of trouble. When a single missing part threatens to halt production, Schaffner comes to the rescue with a strong alternative.

Surprising News

A leading industrial laser producer recently got some surprising news. One of their preferred vendors informed them that an essential part for their product would have to wait.
The filter component had gained an incredibly long lead time. It would mean a pause in laser manufacturing for at least 36 weeks.

Schaffner Consultation

Luckily, an alternative was just around the corner. Through a sales rep, Schaffner Engineering Manager Dave Armitage caught wind of the impending halt in production and talked to the laser company’s engineering team to get the specifications.
Dave pinpointed the functional equivalent in Schaffner’s catalog as the FN2090-30-08 — a very high-performing multi-stage power line filter.

Good News from Dave

He called with good news for the engineering team: Schaffner had secured a sufficient supply in its distribution network. 

Not only that, but Schaffner’s high-quality filter would also provide better attenuation performance than the one they had been using. And the price? About the same.

During these uncertain times, some experts advise that product engineering teams should revisit their approved vendors list (AVL) and make a renewed comparison with the competition.

If you need help finding a functional equivalent — or possibly something even better — do not hesitate to contact the knowledgeable product experts at Schaffner.