In a Digitally Interactive World, Schaffner’s EMI Filters Ensure Safety and Efficiency for Retailers

Jun 26, 2024

We live in a world of digital signage, indoor and outdoor LED displays, large format video walls, self-service terminals, click/swipe and collect kiosks and systems based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions. Interfaces with customers have never been so interactive or so personal.

Maintaining System Integrity

A particular problem with digital signage and display units is that they are susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI), which can affect their performance and clarity. Displays and signage can also emit EMI that has the potential to disrupt nearby electronic devices, so it is vitally important to maintain overall system integrity and ensure digital systems comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. A leading digital signage and LED display specialist, with a wide range of blue-chip customers including many in the retail sector, recognized the significant impact EMI could have on its systems and so turned to Schaffner, who is well-known in the industry for providing premium solutions to solve EMI challenges, for a workable solution.

Similar Levels of Attenuation

Using their expertise in EMI solutions, Schaffner worked with the customer to consider two filters - FN284-6-06 and FN284E-6-06 - both of which are designed for single-phase applications and provide similar levels of attenuation. Schaffner helped the customer to understand the benefits of each filter and determined the FN284-6-06 was the best solution also in order to carry the European Norms Electrical Certification (ENEC) mark. At the same time, for the devices to be sold in China they needed certifications from the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) and the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC).

Schaffner’s recommendation proved to be so effective and the ease of working with one expert, from testing through to solution, has led the customer to more than double their order of FN284-6-06 in the three years since the initial order.
This is how we deliver…

If you have any concerns about EMI in your digital signage and LED displays ask Schaffner.