EMC/EMI Filters Eliminate Conducted Emissions and Ensure Water Around the World is Clean and Safe

Jun 26, 2024

Protecting the world’s water and ensuring it is clean and safe is an undeniable priority and as such it is essential that chemicals aren’t used when processing and managing this precious resource. By using UV disinfection systems for industrial and municipal water treatment, the process ensures safe, pathogen-free water by disrupting the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, preventing them from reproducing and causing illness. These systems use ultraviolet light to kill or deactivate harmful microorganisms without the need for chemical contamination.

Unwanted Electrical Signals

However, the efficiency of these systems can be compromised by conducted emissions. These are unwanted electrical signals generated by electronic devices that travel along power or signal lines and can cause interference in other devices connected to the same power network. The key is to measure them accurately to ensure compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards, preventing problematic disruptions in how the electronic systems operate. A global brand at the forefront of treating water with UV disinfection systems tended to outsource all such testing to laboratories or manufacturers, depending on requirements, but with limited success. Schaffner was called in as a consultant because of their expertise and experience in focusing on conducted emissions and full EMC pre-compliance testing.

Working at Peak Efficiency

Initial work was carried out using Schaffner’s FN3120H-25-33 EMC/EMI filter, which is designed for 3-phase industrial power applications. The filter provides high attenuation of conducted emissions to ensure compliance with EMC standards, enhancing system reliability and performance. Despite their best efforts, the UV disinfection systems were not performing at peak efficiency. Schaffner then implemented the FN3280H-25-33 3-phase+neutral line filter, which not only decreased conducted emissions further but also shielded the water treatment equipment from electrical noise interference. Schaffner’s cube-shaped filter is compact and lightweight, requiring minimum mounting space, and combines exceptional attenuation with low leakage current. As a result of these enhancements, the disinfection systems now operate flawlessly, with conducted emissions concerns effectively resolved.

This is how we deliver…

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