Addition of New RT Choke Series Mitigates EMI Issues in Robotics and Motor Drives

Aug 31, 2023
Felix Wedel

Schaffner has extended its range of filtering solutions for suppressing electromagnetic interference (EMI) with a new RT common-mode choke series designed for use with mid-size power range drives frequently used in robotics and motor drives.

Maintaining Safety

To maintain safe operation and comply with standards such as the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, robot developers and equipment designers must take steps to mitigate EMI and satisfy the various equipment directives that cover electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and functional safety.

Operating at Currents up to 63A – on a PCB

If not dealt with, EMI could cause robots to behave with unexpected movements, representing a serious risk to factory workers as well as the possibility of costly damage. 

By fitting this new current-compensated choke – which is capable of operating at currents up to 63A – it’s now easier than ever to prevent EMI noise from going to power lines and disturbing the functioning of other systems. Ensuring improved immunity against grid disturbances, the RT choke suppresses EMI noise in PCB integrated filter designs.

Flexible Range

Felix Wedel, product manager at Schaffner, explains: “As the world changes it is important that we keep developing the best solutions for our customers. For product designers in this sector, a flexible range of mounting possibilities and cost-effective PCB designs are crucial in order to deliver a reliable and cost-effective EMC solution. The RT series has proved to be a popular and reliable solution for many sectors and a choke capable of operating at higher currents will be a valuable addition to the range.”