Schaffner Capital Markets Day: Well positioned and focused on strategic growth targets

Schaffner Capital Markets Day: Well positioned and focused on strategic growth targets

Jun 09, 2022

Luterbach, 9 June 2022 – The Schaffner Group is once again holding a Capital Markets Day today at its headquarters in Luterbach. At the event for institutional investors, analysts and financial journalists, Schaffner's new positioning, growth strategy and innovation priorities will be discussed in greater depth.

Following the completion of its successful transformation, the Schaffner Group is focusing on its core business of EMC filter solutions and magnetic components for high-growth industrial markets and e-mobility. As an expert in solutions for reducing electromagnetic interference, Schaffner enables customers to concentrate fully on their innovations. Schaffner underlines this value added for customers with its new claim "MORE POWER TO YOU".

With its broad portfolio of EMC solutions, Schaffner is targeting markets driven by megatrends such as electrification, e-mobility and sustainability: Machinery & Robotics, Building Technology, Energy Management, Automotive, Medical and Data & Communication. Through the continuous implementation of its strategic growth initiatives, Schaffner Group aims to organically expand its already strong market position in the selected markets and regions as well as to establish new footholds to expand the business. In addition, Schaffner is evaluating potential bolt-on acquisitions in its target markets.

Based on this growth strategy, the Schaffner Group intends to achieve its medium-term targets of organic growth of over 5% per annum and an EBIT margin of between 10% and 12%. Schaffner will continue to rely on a strong balance sheet with an equity ratio of over 50%. The payout ratio is expected to remain between 40% and 50% of net income.


Presentation You can download the presentation of the Capital Markets Day using this link.

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Schaffner – MORE POWER TO YOU The Schaffner Group is a leading international supplier of EMC filter solutions for high-potential industrial markets and electromobility. The Group’s portfolio includes EMC filters, electromagnetic components, power quality filters and the related services. Schaffner products protect power electronic systems against interference from the electricity grid in industrial applications such as machinery and robotics, in medical technology, building-systems engineering and electrical infra-structure. In electric and hybrid vehicles, Schaffner EMC filters prevent interference in the on-board power electronics and ensure trouble-free operation. Schaffner also develops and manufactures antennas for keyless authentication systems for the automotive industry. Headquartered in Switzerland, the Schaffner Group serves its customers through its own engineering, manufacturing, service and application centers, with a presence in Asia, Europe and North America.

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