Schaffner Holding AG 20 th Annual General Meeting approves the proposals of the Board of Directors Distribution of CHF 6.50 per share entitled to dividends

Jan 12, 2016

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Schaffner Holding AG

20th Annual General Meeting approves the proposals of the Board of Directors Distribution of CHF 6.50 per shareentitled to dividends


Luterbach, 12 January 2016 – The Annual General Meeting of Schaffner Holding AG held on 12 January 2016 approved the proposals put forward by the Board of Directors, including a dividend payment of CHF 6.50 per dividend-entitled share. Thus, about 65% of the net profit for 2014/15 will be paid out. The distribution out of share premium, exempted from Swiss anticipatory tax, will take place as of 19 January 2016 (ex-dividend trading: 15 January 2016).


Changes to the Articles of Association

Furthermore, the shareholders approved the reduction of conditional share capital by CHF 449,150 to CHF 590,850 and the creation of authorized share capital in the amount of CHF 2,066,805 or in the amount of 10% of the current issued share capital to support the growth acceleration pursued under the Strategy 2020. The Annual General Meeting also adopted the proposed changes to the Articles of Association in connection with the Ordinance Against Excessive Compensation at Listed Companies (OAEC) and the new accounting law.



In addition, the shareholders re-elected the current members of the Board of Directors, Daniel Hirschi, Herbert Bächler, Gerhard Pegam, Suzanne Thoma and Georg Wechsler, until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. Daniel Hirschi was elected to be the chairman of the Board of Directors for the same term. Thereafter, Daniel Hirschi, Herbert Bächler and Suzanne Thoma were re-elected as members of the Compensation Committee until the end of the next Annual General Meeting. The shareholders appointed attorney-at-law and notary public Dr. iur. Wolfgang Salzmann as the independent proxy for another year and BDO AG, Solothurn, was given the mandate of Statutory Auditor for the fiscal year 2015/16.



The shareholders acknowledged in a non-binding consultative vote that they were in agreement with the compensation report for the fiscal year 2014/15. In setting the maximum aggregate amount of compensation for the Board of Directors and the Executive Board, the shareholders approved as proposed for the Board of Directors CHF 600,000 until the following Annual General Meeting and for the members of the Executive Board CHF 4,000,000 for the fiscal year 2016/17.


Financial calendar

12 May 2016

   Publication of half-year report 2015/16 (half-year results)

6 December 2016

   Publication of annual report 2015/16 (full-year results)

12 January 2017

   21st Annual General Meeting

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