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    The success of the Schaffner Group is the result of a long-term focus on sustainable processes


Committed to energy efficiency and reliability

The success of the Schaffner Group is the result of a long-term focus on sustainable processes. Schaffner is committed to energy efficiency and reliability – both in innovative customer solutions and in the Group’s own activities. The management of the Schaffner Group strongly supports employees’ well-being through fair terms of employment, safe jobs and the development of every person’s individual potential.

The Schaffner Group is known as an ethical company and is committed to maintaining this valuable reputation. Schaffner’s golden rule is to be professional, fair and honest in its relationships with everyone, including its employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, competitors, government agencies and interest groups.

The Schaffner Group is a signatory to the relevant international initiatives, such as the EICC Code of Conduct for the electronics industry, and the Conflict Minerals Policy. As well, all employees are bound by an Anti-Corruption Policy introduced in 2012/13. Schaffner also promotes the sustainable development of the Group by means of its own initiatives such as the five Schaffner values.

Training and development programs in the Schaffner Group are organized at the local and divisional levels. At the major sites, where training goals and outcomes are systematically tracked, the goals are achieved by all employees. An initiative that deserves special highlighting is the Talent Pool program supporting promotion of internal staff to key positions.

Today 64% of participants in the program either are in a new position or have taken the next career step in their personal development plan. The major success of the program has prompted the Executive Committee of the Schaffner Group to supersede the talent pool initiative with a global management development program. The program will be broadly based and is to be open to all Schaffner employees in the future.

Code of conduct

The Schaffner Group has earned its reputation for being an ethical business organization. It is our responsibility to maintain this valuable reputation for the future. It makes good business sense to deal with our customers, our competitors, our associates, our suppliers, our communities and governmental agencies in an honest, professional manner.