Schaffner Product Change Notifications

Product Change Notifications

PCN for Schaffner Standard Products

Schaffner standard products are following high quality standards and in order to maintain our quality, manufacturability, lead time and availability of our products it is necessary to review, renew and change the product portfolio in a continuous way. 

On this page you can find the latest changes on our products covering all standard products.

Latest updates (past 12 months)

Title Type Date Size Pages
PCN_1035434_A.pdf 21.05.2021 472.67 KB 3
PCN_1049768_A.pdf 21.05.2021 242.40 KB 3
PCN_1049885_A.pdf 21.05.2021 242.77 KB 3
PCN_1055512_A.pdf 21.05.2021 311.73 KB 3
PCN_Production_Shift_Hungary.pdf 26.05.2021 522.46 KB 9