Schaffner High efficiency transformers

High efficiency transformers

Lowering the energy consumption

Schaffner high efficiency transformers offer the best ratio between initial cost and operating cost for sensitive applications.

We are experienced in designing the ideal construction and finding the optimum material mix for lower transformer losses. Lowering the energy consumption would result in reduced operating costs and less harmful emissions for your operation.


  • Phases: 1 and 3
  • Power range: up to 10 MVA
  • Voltage range: up to 36 kV
  • Lightning impulse: up to 300 kV
  • Fundamental frequency: 16 Hz up to 30 kHz
  • Efficiency: up to 99.9 %
  • Coil technology: VPI, Magne-seal
  • Insulation classes: 180 / 200 / 220
  • Protection class: up to IP67 and NEMA 6/6P
  • Cooling methods: AN, AF, WD