Schaffner Door handle Antenna

Door handle Keyless Antenna

Long range and compact design

Door handle keyless antenna, also called  LFA antenna, is placed in door handle of a car. Schaffner keyless antennas provide a long range of operation, compact design and best quality.

The main function of Schaffner’s  keyless antenna is to emit radio frequency signal to identify owner’s key and open a car. Schaffner keyless antennas can be offered with door handle switch and door handle  led light.


  • Resonance frequency of antenna: 20 kHz, 125 kHz, 134.5 kHz
  • Inductance range: 160 uH-850 uH
  • Magnetic Field strength: up to 95 dBuA/m
  • Maximum current: 4 A
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C
  • Mechanical robustness
  • Over molded
  • Customization in accordance with customer's design is available upon request