LCL Filters LCL Filter FN6840

LCL Filter for Active Front End Motor Drives / Active Infeed Converter

LCL Filter FN6840

LCL Filter for Active Front End Motor Drives / Active Infeed Converter

  • Line side LCL filtering for AFE/AIC applications
  • Mandatory interface to connect the AFE/AIC-system to the grid
  • Helps to improve the power quality on the grid side
  • Reduces ripple currents and voltage distortions
  • All LCL components in one package
  • Compact design and ready to be connected

Features and Benefits

Improves the power quality for AFE (Active Front End) / AIC (Active Infeed Converter)
Effective attenuation of converter switching frequency to the grid/line side
Reduces the current and voltage ripples to acceptable levels for the grid/line side
Version with passive RLC damping module for system stability
Compact and user friendly design for ease of installation

Typical Applications

Hoists and cranes
Test stands
Multiple motor drive systems with AFE/AIC
Motor drives and -systems with braking energy
Special machines with high inertia
Transportation systems, e.g. chair lifts etc

Technical Specifications

Nominal operating voltage

3 x 380...480 VAC

Rated operating voltage

3 × 340...530 VAC

Overload capability

1.6 x rated current for 1 min., ones per hour

Protection category

IP00 (IP20 on request)

Ambient temperature range

-25°C to +50°C full operation

>50°C to 70°C derated operation

-25°C to 85°C storage and transportation

Nominal line frequency

50/60 Hz

Insulation class

EIS 200

Flammability corresponding to

UL 94 V-0

Design corresponding to

Filter: UL61800-5-1, EN61800-5-1

Chokes: EN61558-2-20 or EN60076-6

Creepage and clearance distances

According UL 61800-5-1

Switching frequency fPWM

min. 3 kHz up to max. 10 kHz

Rated currents

25A @ 50°C available

Other current ratings on request

25A @ 50°C available

Rated inductance L2 (inverter/converter side)

8% @ 400V, 50 Hz and rated current

Rated inductance L1 (grid/line side)

4% @ 400V, 50 Hz and rated current

* Note: for detailled resulting ripple current, please contact your local Schaffner office or partner.

Typical electrical schematic

LCL Filter FN6840

Approvals & Compliances

RoHS Label
CE Label
UKCA Label