Ecosine Economy FN3416LVEcosine Economy FN3416LV

Ecosine Economy LV Ecosine Economy FN3416LV

Ecosine Low-Voltage Economy Line of Passive Harmonic Filters

Ecosine Economy FN3416LV

Ecosine Low-Voltage Economy Line of Passive Harmonic Filters

  • Economy line of passive harmonic filters for THID <7%
  • Help to comply with EN 61000-3-12, IEEE-519 and other PQ standards
  • Support an efficient utilization of electrical system capacity
  • Ideal for AC or DC motor drives with 6-pulse rectifier front-end
  • Suitable for 200-240 V diode and thyristor (SCR) rectifiers applications

Features and Benefits

FN 3416 LV (50 Hz) models of the ECOsine product family represent the very compact economy line with a THID performance of <7% (with Ldc).

The performance is still sufficient to comply with EN 61000-3-12 or with IEEE-519 for Isc/IL <50. Schaffner ECOsine filters help to unburden the electrical infrastructure from excess loading and heat caused by current harmonics, and therefore support a better utilization of electric system capacity.

Lower harmonics also reduce the risk of system resonances and potential downtime of sensitive electronic equipment.

FN 3416 LV filters upgrade standard motor drives to “low-harmonic drives” quickly and easily.

Typical Applications

Three-phase power conversion equipment with front-end six-pulse rectifier (diode or SCR)
Motor drives, like those used e.g. in pump and fan applications
Battery chargers, incl. DC fast chargers for e-cars

Technical Specifications

Nominal operating voltage

3x 200 to 240 VAC ±10%

Operating frequency

50Hz ±1 Hz (FN 3416 LV)


>98% @ nominal line voltage and power

High potential test voltage

P -> E 2500 VAC (2 sec)

Protection category

IP 20


Internal fan cooling, unregulated

Overload capability

1.6x rated current for 1 minute, once per hour

Ambient temperature range

–25°C to +45°C fully operational

+45°C to +70°C derated operation***

–25°C to +70°C transport and storage

Flammability corresponding to

UL 94 V-2 or better

Design corresponding to

UL 508, EN 61558-2-20, CE (LVD 2006/95/EC)


100 kA

Earthing System


Total harmonic current distortion THDi*

<7% @ rated power (with DC-Link choke)

<13% @ rated power (without DC-Link choke)

Nominal motor drive input power rating

2.5 to 90 kW

* System requirements: THVD <2%, line voltage unbalance <1% Note: performance specifications in this datasheet refer to six-pulse diode rectifiers. SCR rectifier front-end will produce different results, depending upon the firing angle of the thyristors. ** External UL-rated fuses required. *** Iderated = Inominal*SQRT(70°C-Tamb)/25°C

Typical electrical schematic

Ecosine Economy FN3416LV

Approvals & Compliances

RoHS Label
CE Label
UL Listed USA Label
UKCA Label