Top Acoustics in Lucerne Concert Hall KKL – thanks to Schaffner Filters

May 04, 2022
Guido Schlegelmilch

Russell Jones – New York architect and world leading acoustician – considered the exceptional sound quality of the KKL (the Culture and Conference Center in Lucerne) among his finest work. Its world class acoustic quality attracts audiences and well-known soloists from all around the world.  

As a unique world-famous concert hall, electrical and electronic systems must always function with absolute reliability. This becomes especially critical when running any number of electrical systems, including lighting equipment, stage machinery with numerous motor drives, sound equipment, HVAC systems and an entire IT infrastructure. 

Electrical Equipment impacts Acoustic Quality

Unfortunately, the electrical equipment was found to be generating large amounts of harmonic distortion in the KKL. This typically led to higher failure rates and signs of wear and tear in the lighting, electronic ballasts and power units, as well as a high thermal load on the infrastructure. Because harmonic distortions are in the audible frequency range, there was also repeated audio disturbance.

Analysis & Investigation

An independent measurement institute was commissioned to perform a comprehensive analysis of the mains quality. The goal of this investigation was to identify causes and potential solutions. The following requirements were identified:

  • Reduction in the interference of the sound system
  • Elimination of premature equipment failures
  • Reduction of thermal load on electrical installations 

The Recommendation: Active Filters from Schaffner

The measurement institute concluded that the best way to solve these problems would be to install modern active filters from Schaffner. All available filter functionality was required to cover:

  • Harmonic compensation
  • Reactive power compensation
  • Load balancing

A single device from Schaffner delivered all functionality with the latest and fastest filters currently available on the market to guarantee optimal results. Moreover, active filters from Schaffner were impressive for their superior EMC and minimal audible noise generation - both important features in building technology and especially in the sensitive environment of a concert hall. 

The Outcome: Undisturbed Concert Enjoyment

Measurements after installing Schaffner active filters proved that harmonic distortions had been permanently eliminated. As a result, measurably fewer equipment failures and malfunctions were reported. Thanks to the highest standards of Schaffner active filters, the KKL in Lucerne ranks as one the world’s finest concert venues.