FN9260 & FN9262 | IEC Inlet Filters with Wire Leads

FN9260 & FN9262 | IEC Inlet Filters with Wire Leads

Jan 20, 2022
Felix Wedel

Responding to strong market demand - as an international leader in electromagnetic compatibility - we provide more connection options for the existing FN9260 and FN9262 filter series. 

Option with Stranded Wire Leads

The option with stranded wire leads not only comes with a shorter housing dimension, but it also requires less space for application. Faston connectors are obviously not necessary. You may even reduce assembly time. 

The FN9260 & FN9262 power entry modules combine an IEC inlet, mains filter with very high filter attenuation based on nanocrystalline material and fuses in a small form factor. The newly extended product line provides a standard filter that complies with IEC/EN 60601-1.