FN2500 & FN2640 | EMC Filter Series for Robotics and Datacenters

Jun 08, 2022
Felix Wedel

The new filters have been developed to meet the specific needs of these two important and growing markets which have technical requirements in common that can now be met by the new EMC filters.

Easy Integration into Standard Housings

Many applications, including robotics, datacenters and autonomous machines require power supplies to be mounted in 19” rack cabinets. To accommodate this and provide systems builders with seamless integration Schaffner have packaged the FN2500 & FN2640 EMC filter series in a space saving 1U rack-mount design.

Versatile Connections

The new FN2500 & FN2640 EMC filters are available with a range of connection options. These include IEC C14 (10-15A) or IEC C20 (16-20A) input connectors for direct mains connection and with a range of output connectors. For internal assembly connection options available on input and output, these include push-on terminals, cable glands, screw terminals or spring terminals.

Key Features

  • Input voltage 250 VAC @ DC to 60 Hz (FN2500 277 VAC / 400 VDC)
  • Output current 10 to 20 A @ 40°C
  • MTBF > 300,000 h and operating temperature range -40°C to +100°C (with derating >40°C)