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ECOsine ® High Power Line Enclosed

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ECOsine® High Power Line Enclosed

The Schaffner Group further broadens its product offering in the field of power quality. TheECOsine®High Power Linepassive harmonic filters are now also available in two cabinet versions with protection class IP23 and IP54.

By introducing IP23 and IP54 cabinet versions of the high-power passive harmonic filters, Schaffner, the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, enables an easier installation, wiring and commissioning of the high-end filters in portfolio for AC or DC motor drive applications.

The new filter series with designations FN 341X-XXX-99-E2 (IP23) and FN 341X-XXX-99-E5 (IP54) are ready to use filters wired and installed in a cabinet enclosure which best fits the application and environment.

Both new series are intended for harmonic mitigation of three-phase installations featuring diode or thyristor bridge interfaces, with target THDi of < 5% in presence of a DC-link inductor. Furthermore, the filters reduce both rectifier peak current and RMS input current and the grid current is back to its sinusoidal shape. Lower electrical losses and improved power factor allow for a more efficient utilization of electrical system capacity.

The cabinet filters enable a quick installation without the need of thorough system analysis and the involvement of specialists. The high performance is guaranteed not only at full load, but a power factor close to unity is possible even under demanding partial load operation. Without DC-link choke installed, a THDi of < 15% can be achieved at de-rated power.

The FN 341X-XXX-99-E2 and FN 341X-XXX-99-E5 ECOsine® filters are available with standard ratings from 200 to 400kW for  380-500VAC, 50Hz grids and from 300 to 500HP for 380-480VAC, 60Hz grids. All filters are UL-listed, CE-marked and RoHS compliant. They are particularly suitable for AC and DC motor drives, battery chargers and other power electronics applications with 6-pulse input rectifiers.

For further information, please visit or get in touch with your local Schaffner sales point or Schaffner partner for individual support.

Luterbach, July 14, 2015

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