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    Shaping electrical power

    Building technology

    Schaffner components are used worldwide in all sectors of building technology

Building technology

Clean and reliable grids for smart and green buildings

Schaffner provides a wide range of energy-efficient, reliable and safe solutions for buildings and infrastructure.

The smart and secure use of existing or new electrical infrastructures in industrial and consumer buildings makes a lot of sense from an ecologic and an economic perspective. Even if the individual systems and facilities differ among the various types of applications and buildings, the efficient and demand-based use of energy has become an absolute must. Today, the integration in upcoming Smart grids as well as the preservation of the resources and of the environment are as important as the technical reliability of appliances, equipment or systems. This is made possible by the use of state-of-the-art products from the building technology sector, such as building automation systems, bus systems, dimmers, timers, motion and presence detectors, switches, thermostats, heater controls, speed-controlled drives for HVAC-systems, pumps, fans, and motors supported by intelligent and networked area and building controls. A positive energy balance is only possible if the impacts of the used system technology is compensated to their greatest extent. This means that products and solutions must be used in a way that reliably and efficiently handles complex mixed loads occurring in building technology. Components from Schaffner are used worldwide in all sectors of building technology such as green buildings (incl. Smart grid), hotels, resorts, casinos, theme parks, office buildings, hospitals and data centers.

We are the experts for electromagnetic compatability and power quality. An efficient flow of energy and reliable operation is the crucial factor for any building technology application. The fulfillment of international standards in terms of electrical and safety requirements goes without saying.

Schaffner’s portfolio includes EMC/EMI filters and chokes such as three-phase filters for motor drives and elevators and PQ harmonic filters.


Industries we supply

  • Data centers
  • Green building
  • Hotels, resorts, casinos, theme parks
  • Hospitals
  • Metro stations
  • Office buildings


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