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Apprenticeships at Schaffner

We are looking for young talents

At Schaffner we offer the following apprenticeships:

Commercial apprentice (f/m), E-profile

During the 3 year apprenticeship you will be trained in various departments as a commercial apprentice:

  • Secretariat and HR administration
  • Marketing communication
  • Accounting
  • Product marketing
  • Export
  • Sales

    You will work 3 days a week at the company while you attend the vocational commercial school on the other 2 days. Every 4 months you will change departments. In addition, you will attend two inter-company courses together with apprentices from other companies in Burgdorf every year. For each apprentice year, you have 6 weeks of semester break. If you go abroad to improve your foreign language skills during your semester break, you will get an additional week off for your semester break.

    By working in different departments you will get know Schaffner and your colleagues. Your tasks will be varied: when a customer first approaches us or you answer the telephone, you will be the first point of contact of the company. Since we have a global presence and have production plants in Hungary, China, Thailand and USA, your language skills will also be sought after. You need to enjoy communicating with others and be a team player. But it is also important that you are reliable and can work independently, as you will be handling the mail, processing customer orders, issuing export papers and booking invoices. You also have an affinity for social media because you will help in designing our website. Moreover, you will prepare material for trade fairs or occasionally visit our customers. As you can see, with so much variety, your time as an apprentice will fly by in a blink of an eye.

    IT-specialists (f/m) / System engineering EFZ (Swiss Certificate of Competence)

    The apprenticeship in information technology lasts 4 years. In the first 8 months, you will complete a basic training at the vocational school in Solothurn. During this time, you will train at the company only during the semester break. After the first training year, your apprenticeship will consist of three days at the company and two days in the vocational school. For each apprentice year, you have 6 weeks of semester break. If you go abroad to improve your foreign language skills during your semester break, you will get an additional week off for your semester break.

    You will often help approximately 100 employees of ours in Luterbach whenever they may have technical problems with their computers. In this way, you will get to know various departments and all staff members in due course. Occasionally, you may also assist an experienced IT-specialist on-site at our warehouse in Wittelsheim in France if any technical issues occur. Your core responsibilities will include user support, assisting help desk on a rolling basis, setting up and maintaining all IT resources (personal computers, notebooks, printers, cell phones etc.) at the user (worldwide). Additionally, you will provide support for local networks (in Luterbach and in subsidiaries), monitor and maintain servers/safety equipment (e.g. virus protection) as well as create system documentation and user manuals. All these varied tasks will prepare you well for your future career. From the outset, you will be a valuable part of the team and have the opportunity to work in an international environment.

    Traineeship polymechanic, majoring in Design

    As budding draftspersons you will undergo an initial basic training lasting one to two years with an external training institute. This basic education will help to you become familiar with drawing and designing techniques, methodology, technical principles, etc. In addition, you will also receive CAD training and will learn to transform ideas from a sketch into a 3D model.

    After this initial phase, you will able to consolidate your knowledge in our drafting office. On your days off from classes you will help out in the department: jointly planning customer orders and preparing them in detail. Together with us, you will work out solutions for mechanical problems and discuss them with the project team. Once all details are clarified, you will create the final documents (3D models, drawings, instructions, etc.). In addition to your work at the drafting office, you will also have the opportunity to do the following, among other things:

    • Perform and evaluate shock and vibration tests
    • Assist with functional measurements on the end product
    • Plan and record quality inspections
    • Construct prototypes
    • Support project managers with planning
    • Perform error analysis

    These wide range of activities will enable you to collaborate with a variety of people. Since we have a global presence and work with colleagues in Hungary, Germany, USA, Thailand and China, your language skills will also be sought after. Equally, your willingness to communicate is important to ensure continuous exchange regarding design versions, measurement results or unsolved problems. Moreover, your ability to work independently and in teams is crucial so that we are on track at all times with project managers. We look forward to welcoming you in our team.