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  • Success story Shanghai

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    Success story Shanghai

    A strong corporate culture, shared values and proactive action are key factors in achieving lasting success

The success story of Schaffner Shanghai

Continuous improvements ensure sustainable success of Schaffner’s Shanghai operations

Since its start in 2002, Schaffner’s Shanghai subsidiary and plant have experienced rapid growth, developing swiftly in all areas of activity. To keep pace with the constant economic and social change and maintain its technological lead, the organization must continually adapt and grow. A strong corporate culture, shared values and proactive action are key factors in achieving lasting success.

Team spirit

The team in Shanghai has grown to about 500 people. Schaffner’s subsidiary promotes and supports the cohesion of its staff with numerous initiatives and activities. The management meets regularly to share information across business and function boundaries and set goals together. An annual excursion is organized for all staff.

Employee development

To fulfil customers’ growing expectations and safeguard the technological edge over competitors, Schaffner’s Shanghai subsidiary offers its employees internal and external courses for ongoing training and development. The internal courses focus on enhancing technical and interpersonal skills and include comprehensive on-the-job training. New employees receive individually tailored orientation training according to their roles and responsibilities. To benefit on an interdisciplinary level from the Group’s collective expert knowledge, selected employees are given the opportunity to work at different locations of the Schaffner Group.


Schaffner in Shanghai celebrates the birthdays of its employees and organizes activities for staff on holidays such as the Chinese New Year. In terms of internal communication, the employees in Shanghai also have various channels available for approaching their supervisors about issues and making suggestions for improvement. The ideas offered and the actions planned in response are communicated transparently.

Environment, health and safety (EHS)

For Schaffner in Shanghai, working sustainably means protecting both the environment and the health and workplace safety of its people. In collaboration with the local EHS manager, the subsidiary has issued environmental and health and safety guidelines that are regularly reviewed for their effectiveness. For example, actions were taken to enhance air quality in the manufacturing building, the use of chemicals and environmentally hazardous materials is reduced wherever possible, and waste is strictly sorted and separately disposed. Environmental safety is verified yearly by external inspectors.