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  • Overview of EMC/EMI Components and Power Quality Filters Printable comparative overview of the most popular Schaffner products

  • Schaffner's guide to EMC 50 pages on insight into EMC from Asymmetric mode to the complex impedance in Z.

    On more than 50 pages, this conclusive guide offers insight into the world of EMC and power quality. If the following topics are of interest to you, please, get yourself a free copy

  • Schaffner's Design Guide of EMC Filters with Common Mode Chokes Learn how to correctly choose and implement RB chokes into EMC circuits

    Looking for an economic common-mode choke option with unique design benefits that will accelerate your design process and time to market?   The RB common-mode choke series has your solution.

  • EMC Filters for Medical Devices Filter that comply to medical standards

    This whitepaper details:   ▪  The EMC requirements for medical equipment 
    ▪  How categories of products within medical equipment are defined 
    ▪  The two types of conducted interferences and how the use of EMC filters can deal with both

Open and international Schaffner community

“It’s been more than 12 year since I started at Schaffner and I can say, among other aspects, it’s been an intercultural experience; from East to West, and from Down Under to Up North. It didn’t really matter what background we have when we first joined the company; the welcoming of the international Schaffner community has been very receptive from the beginning and also throughout the years. The exposure and interaction with people from multiple customs, languages and origins have continued to be an enriching and motivating experience for both my personal and professional life, no doubt about it.“

Luis (Senior Project Manager, Switzerland)

Preparing for changing environment

"I have been employed by Schaffner for more than 18 years and, during this time, I have worked on many different projects, and was responsible for many maintenance-related areas. At all times, I always felt good about what I was doing. At present, I am undergoing continuing education to become a caretaker. This will ensure that I am ideally prepared to satisfy any future requirements I may encounter here at Schaffner. "

Miro (Facility Manager, Switzerland)

Diversity and open-mindedness

"In my opinion, the culture of entrepreneurship is a key issue for every employee. Particularly important to me are the diversity and open-mindedness. Therefore I really like working for an international company like Schaffner. Interacting with people from different cultures, for example, and diverse challenges is something I enjoy. Furthermore I appreciate the numerous opportunities to discuss any possible topic. This supports my personal, and the company's constant development. All that makes the job extremely motivating, diverse and interesting."

Philippe (Project Manager Automotive, Switzerland)

Increasing knowledge with further education

"During my five years with Schaffner, I had the opportunity to increase my knowledge in general management with a further education as an Executive Master of Business Administration. Schaffner and of course its employees not only helped me to expand my knowledge, but also backed me up with their support. It is very important nowadays to get the chance to aim for your personal targets. Schaffner assists its empoyees to achieve them. The international environment helps to get in touch with all the different mindsets and different cultures."

Samuel (Head of Mechanical Design EMC, Switzerland)

Growing within the company

"As I enter my ninth year of employment with Schaffner, the one thing that stands out the most to me is opportunity.  I started my journey with Schaffner as a part-time employee working in reception and over the years have had the chance to advance my career in several different areas and was recently able to transition into my current position in Human Resources.  Every day is a new adventure and I am grateful that Schaffner extends the opportunity to its employees to grow within the company, both personally and professionally."

Kim (HR Business Partner, USA)