Schaffner Mission & Vision

  • Mission and vision

    Shaping electrical power

    Mission and vision

    Recognized worldwide as the provider of leading solutions for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Power Quality and Power Magnetics

Our mission

Focusing on system and service solutions

The Schaffner brand is recognized as global leader in EMC and harmonics filters

Around the world, the name „Schaffner“ stands for the leadership in EMC filters. This is a hugely valuable asset, allowing to open almost every door into our customer’s R&D laboratories. We aim to achieve the same recognition of our brand also for our power quality solutions, such as harmonic filters or power magnetics.

Schaffner is focused on long-term growth markets such as:

  • Photovoltaics
  • Wind turbines
  • Variable speed drives, including their electric infrastructure
  • Trains
  • Electric cars

We want to develop Schaffner with growth applications that apply power electronics. Energy saving of electric machines, generation of electricity from the sun and from wind, and new solutions for transportation are the areas that fit perfectly well to our capabilities.

In our more traditional markets we will focus on expanding our existing leadership position because these markets continue to contribute substantially to Schaffner’s success.

Schaffner has a leading market position with core product lines

Only market leadership provides the funds for continued research and development, allows for competitive manufacturing and material procurement, and supports our global application and sales network. This is why we will only enter new markets if we can become the number 1 or 2, and in our existing markets we will always aim for market leadership. If we cannot achieve a leading position, we will continue a business as long as it generates good profits.

Schaffner operations are best-in-class

As a dedicated manufacturer of engineered products, operational excellence will determine our success. We have defined our core processes in the project Schaffner 2008, monitor and benchmark key performance indicators, and we are creating the supporting infrastructure with our new SAP system. Our most important business processes will be optimized until they are among the best in comparison to our competitors.

Schaffner is close to customers

In the important regions and countries, Schaffner provides support to customers via sales and application engineers, just like today. The importance of our presence in Asia will further increase, and activities around the region (including India) are strengthened. Our position in emerging markets such as Brazil or Russia will be intensified via strong support of local distribution partners.

Schaffner is financially healthy

Schaffner is a growth company and wants to significantly increase the business. We are capable to meet our financial needs for R&D and capital spending at all times, and we can withstand a recession without generating financial losses. Schaffner generates good returns for shareholders.

Schaffner is filling the majority of leadership positions from within

The development of talent inside the Group is a priority. We want to provide education opportunities for our employees and create career paths that help to develop the potential inside each person. Internal promotion has a higher priority than external hiring to fill open leadership and expert positions.

Schaffner is recognized as a responsible corporate citizen

We act ethically towards our employees and business partners, comply with local and international laws and regulations, and protect the health of our employees as well as the environment. We share a social responsibility for the communities we are active in. The carbon footprint from Schaffner’s activities shall be reduced significantly – we lead by example when it comes to energy efficiency.

“Schaffner provides manufacturers and users of electrical and electronic equipment worldwide with components, systems and services that enable efficiency and reliability by applying leading knowledge in electromagnetics and power electronics.”

Our Vision

Being and remaining best in-class

“Schaffner is recognized worldwide as the provider of leading solutions for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Power Quality and Power Magnetics.”



“Schaffner is focused on growth markets within the fields of power electronics, power quality and power conditioning.”



“Schaffner is innovation leader in the served markets, offering advanced solutions for power conditioning and power grids, and is actively driving international standards.”



“Schaffner is with all core product lines the world market leader.”



“Schaffner is developing its people and filling the majority of leadership and key expert positions from within the company. Schaffner is worldwide an attractive employer with a diverse and committed workforce.”



“Schaffner is committed to environmental and social responsibility, health and safety of its employees and partners.”



"Schaffner Net Sales grow organically at 5% with an EBIT margins above of 8 %."



“Schaffner ensures financial stability 40 – 50 % equity ratio, generating value with ROCE above WACC across economic cycles. Schaffner pays attractive dividends as business grows.”



“Schaffner is close to customers. Global sales are well balanced between EMEA, APAC and the Americas. Schaffner has established a sustainable presence in India and participates in the local growth opportunities.”



“Schaffner consistently achieves high standards for the quality of products and business processes. Operations are contributing to competitive differentiation, and the supply chain responds rapidly to market demands.”