Schaffner Product News

13.10.2021 | FN5420 - Schaffner Power Quality introduces a new line up of output filters and reactors
15.09.2021 | FN2560 - Schaffner introduces new EMC filter range for lighting applications
17.08.2021 | FN3271 - EMC filter for machinery and robotics
05.05.2021 | FN3840 - EMC-Filter for regenerative applications
02.11.2020 | FN3280H - for easy compliance to IEC 60204-1 (DIN VDE 0113)
08.10.2020 | FN9274 - Two MOPP compliant IEC Inlet EMC Filters for medical applications
21.08.2020 | FN2415 - Single-phase EMC Filter for Control Equipment
24.03.2020 | The Schaffner Group introduces ecosine® max series of passive harmonic filters
11.02.2020 | With immediate effect, the Schaffner Group is available in the EPLAN Data Portal.
07.11.2019 | The Schaffner Group introduces extensions for 50 Hz ecosine evo series of passive harmonic filters
04.11.2019 | FN 2580 power line filter family for lighting equipment. A compact, application-specific, line filter for lighting applications (up to 350VAC)
23.09.2019 | The Schaffner Group in Switzerland is expanding the already successful product portfolio of current compensated chokes
16.09.2019 | FN 9255 covering CSA approval
02.09.2019 | Schaffner Group has moved into a new head office in Luterbach – This Swiss EMC pioneer is part of the upwardly mobile area of Attisholz-Süd (South)
24.06.2019 | EV/EH Series adds new family members
11.06.2019 | New high-performance, IEC C14 PEM with fuse holder or switch
04.06.2019 | The newest low leakage current EMI filter from Schaffner
20.05.2019 | New angled locking cable for IEC C14
25.04.2019 | The Schaffner Group launches the sync module SYNC300A for the ecosine active sync series, the new generation of modular, compact, effective and...
25.03.2019 | New line extensions for ecosine evo series of passive harmonic filters