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SchaffnerPQS – New Power Quality Simulator

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SchaffnerPQS – New Power Quality Simulator

Schaffner has released a new power quality simulator called SchaffnerPQS. This free software meets the needs of customers and partners and helps developing fast, reliable and cost effective studies of electrical power systems on a real-time basis.

With the introduction of SchaffnerPQS, the Schaffner Group, the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, is further supporting its customers and partners. The software is Schaffner’s response to customers' requests for increased simulation and reporting needs.

SchaffnerPQS users can now easily simulate complex power networks and gain rapid answers on how to solve power quality issues with the help of the broad Schaffner power quality product range.

"This Power Quality Simulator with its flexibility helps a wide range of our customers to deal with power quality issues and standards that need to be fulfilled," said Alexander Kamenka, the Schaffner Group Application Manager for power quality. "Our customers and partners like the Schaffner product capabilities, but a few said they needed more help with simulating the possible results when using them.

“With today’s power quality issues caused by non-linear loads on the one hand and norms and standards becoming stricter on the other, it’s very important to streamline solution processes and boost efficiency to get faster but still highly reliable results. The Schaffner Group is doing its part to help achieve this goal by providing SchaffnerPQS with its capabilities for free.

The main features of SchaffnerPQS include:

  • Fast, reliable and customizable power network simulations
  • Benchmark with most of the international power quality standards
  • Schaffner product simulations
  • Harmonics simulations and analyzes including filter size simulations
  • Create and export reports

The software is web based and can be used under or via the direct link on the Schaffner web site

Luterbach, February 14, 2013

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Schaffner introduce a Multi –Tier lockable IEC Socket Space saving design assists with Panel Downsizing.
EMC filter for single phase applications - newly introduced DC approval. The very popular single phase EMC filter portfolio of Schaffner is extended by additional high performance versions of the filter families FN 2010, FN 2030 and FN 2090. In addition, all the filters in the complete portfolio of FN 2000 are now available with DC approval as standard.
The Schaffner Group continuous to broaden ecosine evo series, the new generation of passive harmonic filters with an evolutionary modular concept and unparalleled technology.
The Schaffner Group introduces ecosine evo, the new generation of passive harmonic filters with an evolutionary modular concept and unparalleled technology.
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SchaffnerPQS – New Power Quality Simulator
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More functionality - simple product search - efficient dialogue options - iPad app
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