Schaffner Distributor Inventory

Distributor Inventory

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  • Overview of EMC/EMI Components and Power Quality Filters Printable comparative overview of the most popular Schaffner products

  • Schaffner's guide to EMC 50 pages on insight into EMC from Asymmetric mode to the complex impedance in Z.

    On more than 50 pages, this conclusive guide offers insight into the world of EMC and power quality. If the following topics are of interest to you, please, get yourself a free copy

  • Schaffner's Design Guide of EMC Filters with Common Mode Chokes Learn how to correctly choose and implement RB chokes into EMC circuits

    Looking for an economic common-mode choke option with unique design benefits that will accelerate your design process and time to market?   The RB common-mode choke series has your solution.

  • EMC Filters for Medical Devices Filter that comply to medical standards

    This whitepaper details:   ▪  The EMC requirements for medical equipment 
    ▪  How categories of products within medical equipment are defined 
    ▪  The two types of conducted interferences and how the use of EMC filters can deal with both