Schaffner Distributor Inventory

Distributor Inventory

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  • Encouragement of lifelong learning We support an atmosphere of openness and continuous learning, which Norbert also experiences in his daily work. He feels supported by Schaffner to always keep learning and thus even further improve his skills. 

    Norbert, Engineering Manager, Hungary

  • Working part-time and from home Anita has become a mother and can now work part time as well as some days at home. Because we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to pursue a career, we are trying to find individual solutions for individual situations.

    Anita, Head Group Taxes, Switzerland

  • Dedicated education program Alexander was given the opportunity to do his master’s degree in general management as we believe that broadening and improving knowledge is a key success factor for a company. Therefore we offer dedicated education programs to our employees.

    Alexander, Head of Business Unit Power Quality, Switzerland

  • Global work exchange We believe that in-depth knowledge and understanding of the production site is crucial for an engineer. Therefore Ricardo was able to move with his whole family to Thailand and work on the plant for half a year.

    Ricardo, Manager Engineering Power Magnetics, USA

    Editor's note: Soon after the publication of this video, Ricardo moved again in order to share his engineering knowledge with our US colleagues. Ricardo is now Manager Engineering Power Magnetics, USA.