Sine Wave Filter FN5020

Sine Wave Filters Sine Wave Filter FN5020

Sine wave output filter for high-speed motor drives

Sine Wave Filter FN5020

Sine wave output filter for high-speed motor drives

  • Smoothing of PWM drive output voltages
  • Increased service life of expensive high-speed motors
  • Reduction of audible motor noise
  • Improvement of system reliability
  • Production up-time for mission critical applications

Features and Benefits

Suitable for fast rotating fields up to 600 Hz
Conversion of the PWM output signal (symmetrical voltage components) of motor drives into a smooth sine wave with low residual ripple
Elimination of premature motor damage caused by high dv/dt, overvoltages, motor overheating and eddy current losses
Significantly increased service life of expensive (high-speed) motors
Reduction of the pulse load of motor drive IGBTs and the parasitic losses on long shielded motor cables
Less interference propagation towards neighboring equipment or lines
Advanced choke design to minimize filter losses and voltage drop
IP 20 protection, touch-safe terminals and temperature monitoring function to increase overall equipment safety

Typical Applications

Motor drives and motors in high-speed applications, like:

High-speed spindles
Textile machinery
Military appliances (400 Hz)

Motor drive applications with medium to long motor cables and/or with multiple motors in parallel, like:


Technical Specifications

Maximum continuous operating voltage

3x 500/288 VAC

dc link voltage

1000 VDC max.

Lifetime (calculated)

>10 years (25, 55 A)

~5 years (75, 120 A)

Motor frequency

0 to 600 Hz

0 to 600 Hz

Switching frequency

6 to 15 kHz

6 to 15 15

Rated currents

25 to 120 A @ 50°C

Motor cable length

200 m max.

Residual ripple voltage


High potential test voltage

P –> E 2000 VAC for 2 sec

P –> P 1000 VDC for 2 sec

Protection category

IP 20

Overload capability

1.5x rated current for 1 minute, once per hour

Temperature range (operation and storage)

-25°C to +100°C (25/100/21)

Flammability corresponding to

UL 94 V-2 or better

Design corresponding to

UL 1283, CSA 22.2 No. 8 1986

Typical electrical schematic

Sine Wave Filter FN5020

Approvals & Compliances

RoHS Label