Schaffner Success story Luterbach

The success story of Schaffner Luterbach

Creating a strong basis for success with healthier employees

We believe that healthier and happier employees create a strong basis for success. For this reason, a health promotion team was established to encourage and incentivize healthy behaviors. By taking this step, the local management made a clear statement that employee health and well-being is crucial.


  • To improve employees’ knowledge and awareness of healthy practices
  • To provide the opportunity to engage in sports activities at the company during or after work
  • To strengthen team spirit and support in-house social networking

What we did

Assume leadership and generate top-down support
The health promotion team took ownership of the program very quickly. The process started with a brainstorming session to identify initial steps for setting up the program. Management was regularly updated and has actively supported the health promotion program.

Identify key needs and expectations of employees
As a next step, a survey was carried out to learn more about employees’ expectations. Subsequently, 80 % of employees responded to the survey, clearly stating that they were interested in the project and that healthy behavior is important to them. The survey showed that most of the employees wished to participate in yoga, biking or jogging. Moreover, employees suggested creating a Schaffner Walking Day in addition to the already well-established Schaffner Skiing Day. Furthermore, a Healthy Nutrition at Work program was launched.

Put an action plan into effect
A fitness week was put into effect during which a sports activity, such as yoga, jogging, biking, soccer or ping-pong, took place nearly every day, either at lunch time or after work. The Schaffner Walking Day was launched, allowing employees to take a beautiful walk in the mountains near Schaffner’s Luterbach site. A Schaffner employee who is a certified nutrition consultant offered three very popular sessions to colleagues that explained “how to eat healthy at work.” Participants very much appreciated that the events were hosted by a colleague from Schaffner.

Monitor, evaluate and maintain the program
The first results have been very positive. Most sports activities were well attended by mixed teams (men and women, various age groups, different departments). The Schaffner Walking Day was a big success, attended by many employees who were enthusiastic about the event. The opportunity to take a group walk with colleagues and to discuss projects outside the normal working environment was very much appreciated. Finally, sunny weather and the beautiful scenery helped make the first Schaffner Walking Day a true success.


Based on the successful 2016 program, the health promotion team will continue to support and encourage healthy behaviors in Luterbach and to strive for a work environment that promotes fitness, mental health, and team spirit in order to increase productivity and prevent absenteeism.