Transformers/Inductors (customized)

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Customized solutions


  • Railway technology
  • Wind power
  • Navy
  • Telecommunication
  • UPS systems and drives technology
  • Control and switch gear assembling
Low-voltage custom transformers


Low-voltage custom transformers


  • Isolation transformers
  • Auto-transformers
  • 1-phase transformers up to 500kVA
  • 3-phase transformers up to 1500kVA
  • Transformer-reactor combinations up to 1000kVA
  • For e.g. industrial applications, renewable energy, rail
Medium-voltage custom transformers


Medium-voltage custom transformers


  • Distribution transformers
  • Rectifier-duty transformers
  • Wayside traction power
  • Medium-voltage filters
  • Re-winding service
  • Custom designs up to 12MVA and 35kV
Liquid-cooled custom magnetic components


Liquid-cooled custom magnetic components


  • Advanced cooling elements without copper / copper alloys
  • Water, oil, glycol or mixture of these coolants
  • Simple liquid connection with one input and one output
  • Voltage: up to 1100VAC
  • Frequency: up to 400Hz
  • Current: 500 to 6000A
Custom magnetic components for rail technology


Custom magnetic components for rail technology


  • Transformers, inductors and filters for rolling stock
  • Wayside traction power transformers
  • Built according to the highest requirements for rail
  • Tough mechanical constructions for outdoor use
  • Advanced calculation, design and simulation tools
  • IRIS certified
Custom reactors and filters


Custom reactors and filters


  • Special reactors for e.g. PV inverters
  • Special dv/dt filters for e.g. wind turbines
  • Special sine wave filters for e.g. motor drives
  • Special LCL filters for e.g. energy re-generation
  • Compact combinations of transformer and reactor
  • Engineered to application requirements or specs
Magne-seal technology


Magne-seal technology


  • For premium-duty sealed transformers
  • Combines benefits of dry-type transformers with cast coil / liquid-filled transformers
  • Higher over-load capability
  • Smaller footprint
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Cost effective solution



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