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The Schaffner Group is the only global company to provide EMC and power quality solutions from a single source, helping to improve the quality of electricity and the availability of electrical supplies.  Better power quality supports savings in electricity consumption and costs, a higher efficiency of electrical equipment and an extended life expectancy of sensitive electronics. Schaffner solutions enable the widespread use of energy-efficient technologies like motor drives or photovoltaic inverters by eliminating their “side-effects” and therefore contribute to a sustainable use of natural resources. 

Schaffner has the expertise for the early identification of potential sources of interference, both in the development of new products and in subsequent system optimization. It offers a broad range of standard components, an efficient measurement service, expert technical advisors and the skills to develop and produce customer-specific solutions quickly and deliver them to all key markets throughout the world.

Schaffner operates five modern, high-capacity production sites worldwide: in Bueren (Germany), Kecskemét (Hungary), Lamphun (Thailand), Shanghai (China) and in Wytheville (USA). Specialists in 18 customer service and application centers around the globe maintain close contact with the development and application engineers of our regional and international customers.

Schaffner offers the world's broadest selection of EMC/EMI filters and chokes. Standardized and customer-specific solutions – with full engineering support – help to meet international compliance standards and improve the immunity and safety of electrical and electronic equipment. 

Click “more” to select from proven EMC/EMI solutions, ranging from small 1-phase board-level components to powerful 2500A/690V industrial 3-phase filters. Most standard catalog items carry international approvals (UL, CSA, ENEC, CQC) and are available from major electronics distributors worldwide.


Active and passive harmonic filters help to obtain compliance with international Power Quality standards like e.g. IEEE 519-1992 or EN 61000-3-12 and with local utility codes. They reduce the electrical and thermal burden upon the electrical infrastructure, mitigate the risk of harmonics-related reliability problems and support long-term energy efficiency and cost savings.  

Click “more” to discover ECOsine passive, the industry standard for 6-pulse rectifiers, or ECOsine active, the digital triple-duty power pack for harmonics mitigation, power factor correction and load balancing.


Electronic motor controls (motor drives) enable significant savings in electricity consumption and smart motor control. Their mode of operation – involving rectifiers and inverters – does however not only produce EMI and harmonics as a by-product, the output signal can also harm the motor side of the drive. 

Click “more” to identify output filters and reactors that protect electric drive systems, prevent from expensive equipment downtime and premature motor failure. Dedicated Schaffner products even allow the deployment of unshielded motor cables, the use of multiple motors in parallel on the same drive or the retrofit of modern drives in existing installations with old motors and unshielded cabling.


Magnetic components are an important element of power electronics engineering. Inductors and transformers are often key for optimizing a system for highest energy yield (e.g. in photovoltaic inverters) or low energy consumption (e.g. for plant-wide optimization). 

Schaffner is specialized in the design and manufacture of non-standard dry-type magnetic components for demanding power electronic applications, such as railroad, wind power, solar PV, and energy efficiency. The scope of capabilities ranges from low kVA to 12MVA, from low voltage to 35kV medium voltage and from a few amps up to over 5000A.


Schaffner’s broad expertise in electromagnetism is utilized to support manufacturers of cars or automotive sub-systems. In modern comfort and safety applications, Schaffner custom-designed antennas can be found in keyless locking systems (passive entry/passive go), electronic immobilizers and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). In electric (EV) and hybrid-electric vehicles (HEV), Schaffner filters and inductors support the reliable function of dc/dc converters, chargers, and electrical propulsion drives. 

Click “more” to find out how Schaffner – as a certified ISO/TS16’949 supplier to the automotive industry – is uniquely able so solve tricky challenges in and around the automobile.


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