Renewable Energy

EMC and power quality for renewable energy conversion systems

Electrical energy from regenerative sources cannot be fed directly into the supply networks. Power networks need alternating current and a stable network frequency that is in line with the requirements of the relevant national networks. Solar plants and fuel cells generate direct current and wind turbines produce alternating current but with strong frequency fluctuations due to variable wind speed.

In order to be able to feed electrical current from renewable energies into power networks, alternating current with a constant network frequency must be generated using high-performance electronic devices such as frequency converters or inverters. Manufacturers of frequency converters use fast-switching power semiconductors which generate interference pulses and can impair the function of other electrical and electronic devices and even breach voltage quality standards. These standards must be met to enable the feed of electrical energy into the power network.

For more than 45 years Schaffner has been specializing in solving interference problems with the use of power electronics, which are deployed among other things in generating renewable energies.

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